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ITSMA Featured Research: The Keys to Marketing Transformation

March 10, 2010

2010 is the year in which marketers will have to start thinking differently and doing things differently. Continued incremental change is not the way to go. The major areas where ITSMA believes transformation is necessary for marketers include:
  • Developing a stronger, more detailed content generation and dissemination strategy and engine
  • Integrating marketing and sales systems to be able to track marketing’s impact on sales
  • Investing in marketing analytics and reporting
All of these activities must be supported by new roles and skills that need to be created or brought into marketing, as well as new organizational structures and models to help enable them. From our most recent Budgets and Trends Study, we see that these areas of transformation are already taking shape with marketers’ top priorities for 2010. As usual, enabling sales is at the top of marketers’ list. However, developing new and more targeted thought leadership is becoming more important, as is measuring marketing’s impact on the business and reskilling the marketing team. In previous years, these were not as high on the priority list; some weren’t even in the top 10. To learn more about these transformational areas, you can listen to ITSMA’s 2010 State of the Profession Address or read our most recent Update, ITSMA’s Manifesto for Marketing Transformation in 2010.

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