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Featured Research: Do You Have a Formal Thought Leadership Process?

November 17, 2010

One of the threads we see continuing in this year’s survey data from our 2007 survey on thought leadership is that choosing the right tools or tactics is not what companies should be focusing on. Companies should focus on having the right strategy and content. To get this right, it’s important for companies to have a formal thought leadership development process. In 2007, we asked ITSMA members about their thought leadership development practices. Although thought leadership was important to their business, they weren’t taking it seriously, with 63% of respondents saying that thought leadership development was ad hoc. Formal Thought Leadership Process? Since 2007, ITSMA has provided advice on how to create a more formal, systemized thought leadership development process, specifically with a content generation engine and idea development process. At the outset of our most recent thought leadership survey (conducted in October 2010), we were hoping to find that things had changed and companies had taken our advice to focus more on the thought leadership development piece. To find out if companies are taking this more seriously, join us at our next online briefing, Creating the Ideal Thought Leadership Development and Dissemination Balance, on December 7, when we will be presenting highlights from our thought leadership survey.

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