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Featured Research: Three Secrets of Relevant Content

December 14, 2010

In ITSMA and’s benchmarking survey on lead generation, the services providers surveyed recognize what buyers have been telling us in ITSMA’s How Customers Choose research for years: the most effective content is high on relevancy and proof points. Specifically, the most effective content is 100% focused on individual prospects’ situations. And this content must be backed up with proof points, most importantly client testimonials and client case studies. Providing this kind of laser focus is easier said than done, however. What steps can marketers take to make their content specific? Begin with research. Develop in-depth knowledge of the target audiences and their issues. Segment the audience so that you can better target the content without rewriting content for each customer. Finally, develop real-world success stories and testimonials, which are, of course, relevant to the target audiences’ particular business issues as well as to the companies they consider their peers. Featured Research Our benchmarking report separates the best performers from the rest and highlights the best practices (such as highly targeted content) that drive their superior business performance. You can learn about the other lead generation best practices of these high performing companies in ITSMA and’s Lead Generation Benchmark Report: How the Best Firms Fill the Pipeline.

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