kathy macchi

Kathy Macchi

Senior Associate


Kathy considers herself a long-time survivor of the technology industry, bringing over 25 years of sales, marketing and IT experience to her roles as Senior Associate, ITSMA and Vice President, Consulting Services, Inverta. Kathy takes a no-nonsense approach to the role of digital skills, processes and tools in today’s complex sale, and her expertise has supported the digital transformations of enterprises such as Citrix, HP, and Thomson Reuters. With an IT background, she actually understands the technology, systems, and data that are an integral part of today’s marketing organizations. Additionally, she’s one of the foremost authorities in account-based marketing. Certified by ITSMA as an ABM practitioner in 2007, Kathy has conducted numerous ABM workshops, webinars, and training sessions, and supported the ABM efforts of many organizations. 

Prior to founding Inverta, Kathy was President of Allegro Associates, one of the initial consulting firms focused on marketing automation and the value they can bring to organizations.



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