Adrian Hardy, BT

Adrian Hardy

Head of Global ABM, BT

Adrian Hardy is the Head of Global ABM at BT, having worked in marketing for over 25 years in every discipline from Marketing Communications to now Account-Based Marketing. In that time, he has seen how the profession has evolved from designing brochures by committee to delivering complex account engagement plans alongside Sales–not to mention the technology shift: from overhead projectors through the Internet to intent-based insight and beyond.

Adrian’s role for the last five years has been in ABM, and in that time he’s seen a growing acceptance of that methodology in his business, and that of the other organisations with whom he competes and partners. He views Marketing as having come of age, as he’s now in a position at the ‘pointy-end’ of Marketing, delivering plans and strategies that really make a financial impact, and working in true partnership with Sales.

Adrian is immersed in his profession, with ABM especially, and enjoys coming together with other professional marketers in forums and other exchanges that are focused on ABM to discuss what works and what doesn’t–ultimately leading to customers having a better experience through more focused and relevant engagements.




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