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Scaling ABM Without Losing the Magic

October 17, 2017 @ 11:00 am - 11:30 am EDT

The magic of account-based marketing happens when marketers dig deep into individual accounts and craft creative propositions and programs for specific stakeholders within each account. Needless to say, it’s a labor-intensive process!

ABM-ers have generated enormous business impact for years when they bring the magic to individual key accounts. The great challenge for many companies today is scaling their ABM programs to cover more accounts without losing that magic touch…and without breaking the bank.

This complimentary, 30-minute webcast will provide data, guidelines, and successful case study examples of how ABM-ers can bring the magic to dozens or even hundreds of accounts without sacrificing the customer-centric principles of One-to-One ABM. Bottom line? Technology is part of the tale but creative content, communication, and collaboration stand on center stage.


Rob Leavitt

Senior Vice President, Consulting, rleavitt@itsma.com

Rob is a big picture thinker and strategist who lends his extensive experience in thought leadership, brand positioning, and solutions marketing to clients in developing new approaches to build market leadership. He is responsible for ITSMA’s global membership community that brings together senior marketing leaders to advance the knowledge and practice of strategic B2B marketing.

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Claire Nash

Group Strategy Director, MomentumABM

Claire Nash is Group Strategy Director, MomentumABM and widely recognised as an ABM expert. She has over 15 years enterprise technology sales & marketing experience and, most importantly, real-life ABM experience with Strategic ABM, ABM Lite, Programmatic ABM and everything in-between. Together with the MomentumABM team and in partnership with its clients, she has delivered the largest number of ABM programs around the world.

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Samara Donald

Vice President, Americas, MomentumABM

Samara leads the North America region for MomentumABM, crafting high value partnerships for the world’s biggest brands. She is a self-described customer obsessed marketer with nearly 20 years of experience developing communications in consumer, business, and internal contexts for companies such as Microsoft, T-Mobile, Amazon, and Expedia/Egencia.

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