The Marketing Strategist:

The View from Europe: Marketing Leaders Emphasize Five Priorities for 2016

March 16, 2016


Marketing leaders from nine large European technology solution providers gathered recently at an Executive Roundtable in London to discuss ITSMA’s 2016 State of the Marketing Profession research and delve into the key marketing priorities and challenges facing their organizations in the year ahead.

Overall, the leaders agreed that marketing is in a prime position to become an essential “enabler of change” as their organizations focus increasingly on the business outcomes they provide their clients.

To enhance their effectiveness as change agents, participants agreed on five clear priorities, as follows:

  • Improving brand positioning and often re-positioning to support the shift to business outcomes and solutions, which often requires as much effort internally across the organization as external in the market
  • Fully integrating online and offline marketing to ensure a more consistent customer experience and a seamless connection between digital and personal relationship marketing initiatives
  • Driving winning conversations with customers, prospects, and sales to deepen customer insight, elevate and personalize marketing content, and improve sales enablement and acceleration
  • Improving the management of marketing skills and resources to ensure focus on top priorities, minimize lower value work, and develop the most important new skills and capabilities
  • Proving the value of marketing with better measurement of the business impact of key initiatives and aligning more fully with key business drivers

Look for more detailed coverage of European marketing priorities and success stories in future issues of the Marketing Strategist.

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