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The definitive guide to account-based marketing

  • "If there’s one person who can take credit for the current upsurge in interest in ABM, it has to be Bev Burgess. Her work to formalise, evangelise and galvanise the disparate people talking about and working at ABM has been inspirational and transformational – without her ABM wouldn’t be the hot topic that it is today."
    Joel Harrison, Editor in Chief, B2B Marketing
  • "Successful Account Based Marketing involves so much more than just repurposing existing marketing materials for your top accounts. Anyone can do that.  If you truly want to differentiate your marketing from others, embrace the ABM tidal wave and learn how to do it the right way.  This book is a great primer on how to create an effective and sustainable ABM program, based on years of ITSMA research, experience, and practitioner input. "
    John Lenzen, CMO CareerBuilder
  • "This is a long overdue, go-to book that marketers can use to implement ABM in their organizations!  Whether you practice Strategic, Lite, or Programmatic ABM -- or a combination of all three -- ITSMA's seven-step process gives you a roadmap for how to understand accounts and use that understanding to execute highly relevant programs across teams."
    Jon Miller, CEO, Engagio
  • "A definitive and groundbreaking book on Account Based Management written by two of the leading practitioners in the field. This work is highly innovative and practical and provides a roadmap on how to develop lasting client relationships and maximise client lifetime value."
    Professor Adrian Payne, University of New South Wales Business School, Visiting Professor Cranfield School of Management
  • "The strategies outlined in this book have served as a playbook for our ABM program, with impressive results.  Munn and Burgess are pioneers and thought leaders in the field of account-based marketing and I recommend their approach to any B2B marketing organization that wishes to build a tighter alliance between marketing, sales and their most strategic accounts."
    David Hutchison, SVP and Head of Marketing, SAP North America
  • "ABM is a critical marketing strategy for companies serious about putting clients at the heart of their firm to deliver differentiated value over the long term."
    Richard Grove, Global Director of Marketing, Business Development & Communications, Allen & Overy LLP
  • "Having led the two award winning ABM programs at BT Global Services and CSC, featured in this book, I know it produces great results.  We partnered with Burgess and Munn on both programs and they have captured all the critical ingredients for success in this comprehensive Manifesto on ABM."
    Neil Blakesley, Principal, Consulting CMO and Former CMO, CSC and Vice President of Marketing, BT Global Services
  • "The proven techniques presented in this book drive innovation and the creation of new value for both companies in a strategic account relationship. As ABM is increasingly adopted in the US and India, I am excited to see what the wider impact will be on the economies of both countries."
    Dr Mukesh Aghi, President, US-India Business Council
  • "Marketing is only as valuable as its proximity to a customer, and Burgess and Munn have provided the definitive guide to Account-Based Marketing.  Very simply, their process works wonders in driving growth.  This book should be required reading for all marketing leaders. "
    Malcolm Frank, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Marketing, Cognizant and author of ‘Code Halos: How the Digital Lives of People, Things, and Organizations are Changing the Rules of Business’
  • "As CEO of the first and only specialist ABM agency I know what good account-based marketing looks like – and Bev is one of the best in our field. Having witnessed her expertise first hand I’m delighted that Bev has encapsulated this into a must-have read for anyone interested in ABM."
    Alisha Lyndon, CEO, MomentumABM
  • "Bev Burgess with David Munn have written a must-read practical guide for anyone planning for ABM or indeed already on the journey. Read this book to avoid making the mistakes others have made and learn from the pioneers of ABM with very practical insight from organisations who are really getting value from this approach."
    Peter Lundie, Managing Partner, Agent3
  • "As more and more people become interested in what ABM can do for their business, its refreshing to see such a practical guide to this powerful, insight-led marketing strategy."
    Paul Charmatz, SVP International, Avention OneSource Solutions
  • "The competitive landscape for business marketers has become so crowded that account-based marketing is now a must for companies seeking to truly differentiate themselves with their most important customers and prospects. Given their deep knowledge, practical experience, and pioneering role with ABM, Dave and Bev are the perfect guides for this essential marketing strategy."
    John Hall, Co-Founder, Influence & Co. and author of ‘Top of Mind’
  • "Finally, a thoughtful map to help all executives create an impactful account-focused approach in the increasingly complex world of marketing. The Practitioner's Guide to Account-Based Marketing is grounded in common sense and case based advice, a must read."
    Larry Weber, Chairman & CEO, Racepoint Global and author of ‘The Digital Marketer’
  • "Burgess and Munn do a terrific job of demystifying account-based marketing. They provide practitioners with highly relevant examples, insightful nuggets, and pragmatic suggestions for succeeding in a world where the ability to treat large customers as individual markets really matters. "
    Jonathan Copulsky, Principal & Global Insights Leader, Deloitte
  • "I recommend this book to anyone interested in creating mutual, sustainable value with their strategic accounts. "
    John Torrie, CEO UK & Asia, Sopra Steria
  • "It is my view that Account Based Marketing (ABM) is on the threshold of revolutionising the marketing domain. It shows all the potential of bringing about a much-needed paradigm shift. The undoubted leaders in ABM are ITSMA, led by the authors of this remarkable book. It is an evidence-based book, but is replete with practical advice about how to initiate, manage and profit from ABM. My hope is that everyone who really cares about customers will read it and act on it.  "
    Professor Malcolm McDonald, Emeritus Professor, Cranfield University School of Management

We pioneered ABM in 2003 and spent the last 17 years developing and documenting the progress of this incredibly powerful strategy for business growth. And now we’ve written the book!

The challenge facing today’s would-be ABM-ers isn’t about whether it can work, but how to make sure it works in the context of their own company. Which blend of ABM types is right? How to get key stakeholders on board? What governance to put in place? Who to train or hire to execute the program? How to align with sales? What metrics to measure and report? Which technologies to invest in?

A Practitioner’s Guide to ABM answers these questions and more. The step-by-step methodology, case studies from ABM leaders, including BT, Cisco, Cognizant, and Fujitsu, and personal stories and advice from sophisticated ABM-ers make this book a definitive and practical guide to get programs started, maximize business impact, and develop your ABM career.


Bev Burgess
Beverley Burgess

Senior Vice President and ABM Practice Lead, [email protected]

Bev is an industry expert in marketing technology services and literally wrote the book on it (Marketing Technology as a Service, Wiley 2010). She is best known as an authority on account-based marketing (ABM), being the first to classify it when developing the approach jointly with several clients. Today, she leads ITSMA’s ABM practice and global ABM Council, as well as all of ITSMA’s activities in Europe.

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Dave Munn
David C. Munn

President and CEO, [email protected]

Dave is a well-recognized thought leader in B2B services and solutions marketing. For more than 20 years, he has led the way in defining, documenting, and inspiring excellence with the ITSMA global community. Dave oversees all ITSMA strategy, partnerships, and international operations, and guides the ITSMA team in delivering a broad suite of research, education, advisory, and community services to help member companies improve marketing, sales, and business results.

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The Rise of Account-Based Marketing

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In this video, Bev Burgess provides a true definition of ABM including the three different types that are emerging and the principles behind them. She reveals how you should be treating large accounts, why growth and investment in ABM is increasingly becoming a priority for B2B organizations, and the three ‘R’s that are impacted by ABM.


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