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Research Highlight: Customer Engagement Programs Help Keep Existing Customers and Win New Ones

October 14, 2014

Dianne KimCustomer engagement programs are more important than ever. In ITSMA’s latest online survey, 81% of respondents rated these programs as very important to the overall business strategy. However, only 30% were satisfied with the results that they’ve achieved.

Customer Engagement Programs Satisfaction

What gives? Our research reveals that many companies are early in their use of such programs, struggle with linking their activities to results. And they lack the coordination, budget, and staff to do them well.

Nevertheless, some companies are achieving great results. In the study, ITSMA found that the high achievers are more likely to have:

  • A formal, comprehensive customer engagement strategy
  • Formal engagement programs designed not only to strengthen existing relationships but also build relationships with key stakeholders at new accounts
  • Programs specifically designed to move customers from loyalty to advocacy, such as:
    • Customer advisory boards or councils
    • Account Based Marketing
    • Private online communities
    • Exclusive access to senior executives
    • Feedback processes with customers and sales on the value and usefulness of programs

To learn more, read ITSMA’s new survey report Marketing to Existing Customers: Engagement, Expansion, and Advocacy.

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