The Marketing Strategist:

CSC’s Dashboard Ties Marketing Activity to Business Results

June 11, 2014

Anna Whiting CSC’s marketing dashboard achieves what many marketers struggle to accomplish: showing marketing’s impact on the business. While many organizations think they have dashboards, they really have spreadsheets or PowerPoint summaries. A true dashboard establishes the cause-and-effect relationship between marketing metrics and a business’s key performance indicators (KPIs). It isn’t an easy task to collect, integrate, and present the data. CSC succeeded in overcoming the challenges by creating an integrated digital ecosystem that enables tiered data. In other words, everything rolls up into one number: total contract value (TCV). From that number the dashboard reviewer can easily click and drill into more detail. For more information ITSMA has created a case study loaded with detail information about the dashboard. Exhibit 3. Provide Drill-Down Detail CSC's Dashboard CSC's Dashboard CSC's Dashboard  

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