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Investment in Account-Based Marketing is no longer an option. Are you optimizing your spend?

B2B marketing leaders today are moving fast to a blended ABM strategy to drive growth with a mix of One-to-One, One-to-Few, and One-to-Many approaches. Whether you’re just getting started, expanding on a successful pilot, or adding a second or third approach, ITSMA can help.


Defining, planning, and launching an ABM program requires careful attention to marketing, sales, client, and prospect interests and needs. ITSMA has helped companies get ABM programs off the ground for more than a decade. Specific offerings include:

  • Program Strategy and Design
  • Account Selection and Review
  • Account Perception Interviews
  • Pilot Project Design and Launch
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment
  • Messaging and Campaign Development
  • Marketing Technology Planning


ABM results improve over time. But patience is not always a virtue in today's connected economy. Whether you've begun with One-to-One, One-to-Few, or One-to-Many, ITSMA can help you accelerate investment impact. Specific offerings include:

  • Account Intelligence and Insights
  • Offering and Play Development
  • Buyer Persona Development and Use
  • Program and Campaign Optimization
  • Messaging and Value Proposition Development
  • Sales Education and Enablement


Initial ABM success generates demand for more, but how best to scale? Where are the best opportunities and what investments make sense? ITSMA can help you move to the lext level of breadth, depth, and impact. Specific offerings include:

  • Program Assessment and Opportunities
  • Client Insight and Satisfaction
  • Organization Design and Integration
  • Thought Leadership and Content Strategy
  • Program Governance and Metrics
  • Marketing Technology Review and Optimization

ITSMA has led the way with ABM since 2003. We’ve literally written the book, and our consultants, analysts, and associates have the experience and expertise to optimize program impact every step of the way. We’re fast and flexible, and focused entirely on the practical requirements for near-term and sustained success.

Need to train your ABM team? Learn more about our acclaimed Account-Based Marketing Certification and Mentoring Program.

ITSMA is always ahead of the curve. They really understand our agenda and they know where things are going. It's invaluable.

– Malcolm Frank, President, Digital Business, Cognizant

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