The Marketing Strategist:

How to Build Vertical Market Leadership

October 14, 2014

Anna WhitingDo you want credibility and access to top clients? Then going to market via verticals is essential. But you already knew that. Even so, it is astonishing to see how many sales and marketing organizations struggle with gathering, documenting, and sharing vertical market knowledge and experience.

The trick is in understanding the difference between an opportunistic approach to vertical marketing (‘Hey, we’ve got a lot of customers in healthcare. Let’s create a healthcare vertical.‘) and one that concentrates on building expertise and developing thought leadership that gets the attention of those customers. This depends on extracting that all-important knowledge that is trapped between the ears of individual employees and lost when they move on to the next project or—heaven forbid—the next company.

The solution is for marketing to take on a larger role in the customer relationship. It needs to develop new programs and content designed to build vertical market knowledge, competency, and reputation with customers. Marketing must also take on more direct responsibility for the customer relationship in the course of delivering vertical market insight and performing segmentation and perception analysis. To help marketers get started, ITSMA has created a vertical market leadership tool.

To learn more about how to create vertical market leadership, check out How to Build Vertical Market Leadership.

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