The Marketing Strategist:

Behind Every Great Brand is a Great Story

June 16, 2016


B2B technology and services companies are complicated. We have multiple business units and offerings. We target multiple market segments, audiences, and buyer personas. We churn out endless amounts of content, comment, and collateral.

The end result? We have way too much to say and we end up confusing ourselves and everyone with whom we’re trying to communicate.

The solution? A simple story that guides and anchors all the other content.

What great brands have in common are stories that connect with customers both logically and emotionally—ideally with just a few words and images. IBM’s story about building a smarter planet is a great example in our industry.

Brand - What's Your Story

Teasing Out the Story

Manasian & Co., a strategic brand consultancy, has developed a methodology to tease out the simple story behind the hundreds of messages.

The story starts with what matters most. Everything the brand, product, service line, vertical, and field marketers want to say is important. However, some things are more important than others. The key to effective storytelling is finding the essence of who you are, what you believe, your purpose, and why people choose you rather than the competition. (See ITSMA’s Viewpoint, Beyond the Corporate Blur, for more on the Manasian & Co. approach.)

The benefits of good brand storytelling are many. Simple stories:

  • Don’t bore your audience
  • Are easier to understand and remember
  • Create an emotional connection
  • Fill the gap between reality and perception
  • Convey your differentiation

According to Kate Manasian, Managing Director of strategic brand consultancy of Manasian & Co., the goal of a story is to “get to both the head and the heart.” Once people both understand and believe your story, they become advocates, helping to spread your message. It is as simple as that.

Want to learn to tell your company’s simple story in six lines or fewer? Join ITSMA for an extraordinary brand storytelling workshop on July 6, 2016 in London. (Please note: Participation is limited to a nominated ‘High Performer’ from each ITSMA Europe member company. For more information, contact Victoria Monger at vmonger@itsma.com.)

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