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Not Doing ABM Yet? Your Competitors Are. Start this September and become an ITSMA Certified Practitioner

July 9, 2014

Marketing executives are increasing their spending on Account Based Marketing (ABM), which now accounts for an average of 15% of the total marketing budget, according to the ITSMA Online Survey Account Based Marketing and ROI: Building the Case for Investment*, conducted in October. That’s because a disproportionate piece of revenue comes from a few customers or partners.

That is why ABM has become so important to most B2B organizations—in fact, 96% of marketers see ABM growing in importance at their organizations. The ITSMA ABM Certification Programme is a three to four month process that walks you through an entire ABM programme for one of your clients. It starts with a two-day in-person workshop to learn the principles and then you start applying those principles on your own client.  There are four online webcasts from up-selling and cross-welling to applying ABM principles to strategic, long-term opportunities, in addition to weekly calls between you and your advisor and homework of five deliverables. In the end you will have a complete ABM Campaign Plan to be implemented with sales.

Quotemark leftQuotemark rightI will be able to immediately implement the tools and strategies that I learned from this program not just for account based marketing but in developing other business programs and marketing campaigns.
—a recent programme graduate

Sign up today to become a truly certified ABM marketer. Improve your education, results of your work and create more value for your company.


*ITSMA ©2013 ITSMA Online Survey: Account Based Marketing and ROI: Building the Case for Investment, Julie Schwartz

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