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  • Convergence: What Does It Mean for Marketing?

    Since its introduction to the world of ICT in the 1970s, the term “convergence” has come to mean something different to just about everybody you ask: “fixed and mobile,” “voice and data,” “access devices,” “media and entertainment,” “unified communications” . . . the list goes on and on. Too many people, however, consider convergence a technology issue and overlook the wider business implications—including its impact on marketing. At a recent Inner Circle Meeting in London, ITSMA examined the commercial and social implications of convergence to better understand how marketers need to adapt in the face of this trend.

    by Robert Bailey January 8, 2008 Read more
  • Where Are We Going with Our Digital Marketing Strategies?

    ITSMA research has shown that budgets allocated to interactive/online/digital marketing are growing; in 2007 they stood at 15% of total marketing communications budgets versus 12% in 2006. With this as a backdrop, its clear to see why digital marketing is getting a lot of airtime right now, and at our Roundtable meeting on digital marketing in London on 27th November, Google presented a list of four useful tips to consider when developing your digital marketing strategy.’

    by Robert Bailey December 4, 2007 Read more
  • Tips for Generating Increased Demand in Europe

    The topic of demand generation is a much travelled road, and in recent years the most important elements for generating demand have changed considerably. Long gone are the broad mass marketing campaigns with a Web link or number to call; here to stay are the precise, targeted actions that ensure your message reaches the right person. Due to the cynicism and scepticism towards overt marketing and PR that exist in a mature market like Europe, the all-important “Who are you going to target?” question refers not just to the person whom you believe has a need for your offering but also to a wider range of influencers.

    by Robert Bailey November 6, 2007 Read more
  • Consistency and Adaptation: Balancing Global and Local Priorities and Perspectives

    Most people agree that global organisations should present consistent core values through their global brand but also provide an umbrella under which a degree of localisation can be adopted. However, maximising local effectiveness whilst leveraging scale and ensuring consistency is a difficult balancing act to get right. Add to this the complex and fragmented nature of the European market, and the balancing act gets even harder! Read on for some suggestions that might make achieving balance a little easier.

    by Robert Bailey September 5, 2007 Read more
  • Strengthening Brand Differentiation

    Were all familiar with the reasons that differentiation has become so important in the technology, communications, and professional services sectors: a maturing market, a plethora of providers, converging technologies, an ever-increasing amount of readily available information … the list could go on and on. But what are the real issues people face when entering the realms of differentiation? And how are these issues compounded when you look at the regional model?’

    by Robert Bailey July 10, 2007 Read more
  • Improving Marketings Collaboration with Finance: Tips from ITSMA's European Marketing Forum'

    During this years European Marketing Forum, “Delivering Value: Marketing in Action,” Paul Newton, finance and planning executive for IBM Global Services in North East Europe, joined ITSMA’s 16 in one of the plenary sessions to explore how marketers can raise their game in the sometimes daunting area of communicating with finance departments. According to Newton, effective communication, focus, and measurable delivery are essential elements of the new marketing mix.’

    by Robert Bailey June 5, 2007 Read more
  • The Power of Community

    Humans are naturally drawn to social interaction, collaboration, and communication. Today advances in technology and the emergence of the Internet have made it easier to form many different types of communities on a global scale—some with startling results. Lets take a closer look at customer communities and explore some of their characteristics, market trends, how they emerge, and lastly, how they evolve over time.’

    by Robert Bailey May 1, 2007 Read more
  • Making Partnerships Work: How to "Sell-With," Not "Sell-Through"

    Traditional partnering in the technology space has often focused on the use of partners to extend market reach—using partners in a “sell-through” model. But customers are demanding ever more sophisticated solutions that deliver business results rather than merely solve technology issues. Striking and developing “sell-with” partnerships is not without its challenges, and at an ITSMA Roundtable in Paris last month, a number of European members got together to explore in greater detail best practices for creating successful partnerships.

    by Robert Bailey April 3, 2007 Read more
  • New Regulations in the U.K. Affect Company Websites and Emails

    Many marketing departments have responsibility for the company Website and email communications, so we thought it would be useful to provide a summary of the regulatory information U.K. companies must now include on their Websites and in their email footers to avoid paying a fine.

    by Robert Bailey February 5, 2007 Read more

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