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  • Smart Segmentation on a Shoestring Budget: How Autotask Threw Away Five Million Prospects and Doubled Its Business in Just Five Months

    Autotask Corporation, a provider of Web-based professional services automation (PSA) software, was limping along in a crowded category with 70 competitors. To make matters worse, it was operating on a shoestring marketing budget. The software was originally aimed at more than 6 million professional firms that provide billable services, and although the company was generating inquiries, the prospects came from a huge cross-section of business types, making each sale a slow, consultative process. Read on to discover how CMO Bob Vogel turned the situation around.

    by Meghann Wooster February 5, 2008 Read more
  • Sales Enablement Above All: How SAP Enables Services Sales

    In 2006, SAP Global Services Marketing and the Field Services Management Office were forced to face a few unsettling facts: multiple lines of service with complex and broad portfolios made it difficult for sales teams to prioritize and sell the right services for each customer and prospect. Couple that with the fact that, all too frequently, the company launched services marketing programs of which sales was not aware and you can see why the services teams were concerned. Turning that concern into action, the services and support teams partnered in new ways to promote the active selling of SAP Services.

    by Meghann Wooster December 4, 2007 Read more
  • Search Engine Success: The Cognos Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaign

    In late 2005, Cognos decided to get serious about search. The company knew it had its work cut out for it: In 2004, its pay-per-click (PPC) marketing focused on branding and captured just nine incidental leads. Today, the companys Google-focused PPC marketing campaign generates more than 1,000 leads a month. Read on to learn about the steps Cognos took to turn its PPC campaign around.’

    by Meghann Wooster November 6, 2007 Read more
  • Addressing the Midsize Market: Avaya’s Three-Pronged Approach

    The midsize business segment of the IT industry is growing faster than any other segment, but Avaya’s share of the market declined from 2002 to 2004. In response, the company created a Midsize Business Focus team to assess the right solutions for the midsize market, the right focus on the sales channel, and the proper organizational structure to support long-term sales success.

    by Meghann Wooster October 4, 2007 Read more
  • Winning in the Flat World: How Infosys Transformed Its Brand

    Fueled by growth in the outsourcing industry, Infosys had hit the $2 billion mark by March 2006—a remarkable feat by any companys standards. But Infosys had no intention of resting on its laurels. Rather, the company launched a global branding campaign built around the idea of winning in the “flat world.” The goal was to build a reputation as a trusted transformation partner that can help businesses compete in a global market rather than be seen as simply another offshore services provider.’

    by Meghann Wooster September 5, 2007 Read more
  • Authentic Communications

    “Online communities and social networks arent democracies,” said Rob Key, CEO of Converseon, at the Authentic Communications conference last week in New York City. “They’re oligarchies. And marketers can’t just steamroll their way in.” This article contains tips for avoiding the “steamroller” approach to marketing and improving the authenticity of your communications.’

    by Meghann Wooster May 1, 2007 Read more
  • Avaya On Demand: A Solutions Success Story

    In late 2005, Avaya uncovered a large opportunity. Extensive market research showed that customer demand for hosted IP communication solutions was growing, and the company seized the opportunity by building and launching three new “Avaya On Demand” solutions in just nine months.

    by Meghann Wooster Read more
  • Cisco "ARMs" Channel Partners to Sell More Services

    In 2005, Cisco Systems made a decision: Marketing was going to enable the company to more effectively sell services to the SMB market by motivating its channel partners to more consistently attach services at the point of sale, renew service contracts, and execute multiyear service agreements. To do this, the company created the Attach, Renew, Multiyear (ARM) Service Incentive Program.

    by Meghann Wooster March 6, 2007 Read more
  • Northrop Grumman Leverages Account-Based Marketing to Win a $2 Billion Deal

    In 2003, the Commonwealth of Virginia announced the $2 billion IT Infrastructure Partnership, the largest IT award in state government. Northrop Grumman knew it was well qualified to do the work, but it had a perception problem to overcome: In Virginia, the company was viewed as a builder of ships, and its depth of experience at both the IT and state levels was not well recognized or understood. It used an ABM strategy to turn things around.

    by Meghann Wooster February 1, 2007 Read more
  • The EMC Customer Success Network

    For its first 25 years, EMC Corporation didnt have a central customer reference program; it didn’t need one. But when the company began to diversify its portfolio through acquisitions, customers demanded proof that EMC could succeed in areas where the company hadn’t played before. The secret to a successful reference program, EMC knew, was to build a program that held as much value for customers as it did for EMC. And so the Customer Success Network was born.’

    by Meghann Wooster January 9, 2007 Read more
  • Cerner "Demos" the Strength of Its Customer Relationships at HIMSS

    In Fall 2005, the marketing team at Cerner turned its attention to the 2006 HIMSS conference—the largest IT trade show for healthcare in the U.S. To simultaneously wow the audience and demonstrate the strength of its customer relationships, Cerner decided to allow its clients, not its salespeople, to man its tradeshow booth.

    by Meghann Wooster October 4, 2006 Read more
  • Best Practices for Managing Online Conversations

    During ITSMAs Marketing Leadership Forum back in April, three digital marketing pioneers participated in a panel discussion about how and why they’re making the shift to more participatory, conversation-based marketing. Here are summaries of five key takeaways from their conversation.’

    by Meghann Wooster July 1, 2006 Read more

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