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  • Five Ways to Engage Executives Virtually (Without Resorting to Carrier Pigeon)

    As Bev Burgess got ready to launch her new book, Executive Engagement Strategies, she related to how we are all adjusting to a more virtual world and addresses the impact on how you engage with your most important clients. What does a virtual executive engagement strategy look like? Bev offers her top five tips for engaging from an individual basis, through small group activities to networks of peers.

    by Bev Burgess May 5, 2020 Read more
  • Engaging Executives to Build Trust, Advocacy, and Business

    Engaging executives so that your most senior customers convert into advocates is becoming a priority for many B2B marketers in 2020. But how do you ensure that your business becomes one of your client’s trusted advisors? And how do you build the trust that is so key to advocacy? Taking a cue from her new book, Executive Engagement Strategies, Bev Burgess stresses the value of executive engagement in building trust and loyalty and shares how building a clear executive engagement strategy is about moving from random acts of engagement to an orchestrated program.

    by Bev Burgess April 2, 2020 Read more
  • Moving From Random Acts of Executive Engagement to an Orchestrated Program

    You may know that one way of becoming one of your clients most trusted suppliers is through ABM, but what if you’re not ready for it or you’ve gone as far as you can with it? You can employ an executive engagement strategy, but to be most effective you need to move from random acts of engagement to an orchestrated program. Learn more from Bev Burgess’ new book, Executive Engagement Strategies.

    by Bev Burgess March 18, 2020 Read more
  • ABM

    Five ABM Predictions for 2020

    In 2019, ABM continued to be a force for marketing leaders looking to innovate new solutions, enter new markets, connect with new buyers, and change perceptions with key accounts. With an eye on 2020, ITSMA’s Bev Burgess, SVP & ABM Practice Lead, shares her top five predictions for ABM.

    by Bev Burgess December 5, 2019 Read more
  • The London ABM Forum: Make Sure Your ABM is the Best it Can Be

    ITSMA’s ABM Forum, entitled Charting your ABM Journey: Your Blueprint for Success, will be held in London’s famous Royal Institute of British Architects, and will focus, appropriately enough, on ABM architecture: planning, designing, building, and scaling a successful program. Those attending will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the state of their ABM developments, whether they are at the very early stages or ready to move toward a more sophisticated level.

    by Bev Burgess April 26, 2019 Read more
  • Innovation in ABM: ServiceNow Tells us How

    B2B companies are demonstrating innovation in ABM to get even better returns. The ABM program at the digital workflows enterprise, ServiceNow, is a good example. ServiceNow, recently ranked first in the 2018 Forbes Most Innovative Companies list, is integrating a multi-layered ABM approach into the very heart of their customer success-led corporate strategy.

    by Bev Burgess March 4, 2019 Read more
  • O2: Cracking the B2B Market with ABM

    O2 decided to raise its profile as a total communications provider in the B2B space. This would demand a carefully-crafted marketing program to change perceptions of the brand externally, energize staff internally, and demonstrate marketing’s contribution to overall corporate objectives. The resulting approach was underpinned by a passionate belief in the power of account-based marketing (ABM) combined with the challenger sales methodology.

    by Bev Burgess December 12, 2018 Read more
  • ABM: The Revolution is (Almost) Here

    According to our Raising the Game with ABM: 2018 ABM Benchmark Study, done in conjunction with the ABM Leadership Alliance, 77% of respondents saw a 10% or more return on investment (ROI) from their ABM programs compared to more traditional marketing activity. For some, it had an even bigger impact: 45% replied that ROI had more than doubled. The study finds that implementing ABM produces broader business benefits as well, including greater customer success, more advocates, and a surge in innovation.

    by Bev Burgess November 5, 2018 Read more
  • ABM: Evolving to a Bright Future

    What will be the potential impact of powerful economic, technological, and social trends on how we operate? We recently brought together a group of senior executives from companies with advanced ABM programs, including Accenture, BT, DXC Technology, Fujitsu, Microsoft, and O2, to brainstorm ABM’s future.

    by Bev Burgess October 11, 2018 Read more
  • A Strategy for ABM Partnerships

    If you’re considering working with a strategic alliance partner to develop an account-based marketing (ABM) plan for one of your key accounts or target clients—or for a cluster of accounts—there are several things to think about before you get started.

    by Bev Burgess May 24, 2018 Read more
  • I’m an ABM-er! DXC Technology’s Dorothea Gosling

    Dorothea Gosling, Global Head, Pursuit Marketing & Demand Generation Programs at DXC Technologies (formerly CSC), and one of the “magnificent seven” ABM leaders featured in ITSMA’s book, A Practitioner’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing, recounts her entry into an ABM career and provides advice for new ABM-ers.

    by Bev Burgess July 10, 2017 Read more
  • I’m an ABM-er! KPMG’s Julie Johnson

    Julie Johnson, Executive Director of Markets and Accounts at KPMG LLP, and one of the “magnificent seven” ABM leaders featured in ITSMA’s book, A Practitioner’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing, recounts her entry into an ABM career and provides advice for new ABM-ers.

    by Bev Burgess June 8, 2017 Read more

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