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Ask ITSMA: The Secret Sauce of Brand Management

February 17, 2016

  • Ask ITSMA


Each month, ITSMA receives a number of queries through Ask ITSMA, a resource designed to give members a quick and easy way to get insight on important services and solutions marketing questions they face. In this column, we will publish some of our favorite questions, along with excerpts from our replies.

Question: When thinking about enterprise businesses’ top marketing priorities, brand always bubbles to the top of the list. What ingredients go into the secret sauce for cooking up a palatable brand management strategy?

Answer: There are core elements of brand management that demand attention, such as building awareness, familiarity, and preference for your solutions. Since business and technology environments are constantly evolving, so must your efforts to build recognition that stays relevant. As such, ITSMA reminds you to be ever-diligent in setting goals for building brand equity in both absolute and competitive contexts.

However, the traditional concept of brand management has also morphed. A focus on the core brand equity metrics continues to be vitally important, but brand management now includes a focus on the total brand experience. Remember the 3 R’s of brand: reputation, revenue, and relationships. Promoting brand is now as much about making it to the shortlist of contenders, justifying a premium for proving a value-add service, and fostering rapport with teams as it is for knowing your name. Bon appétit!

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