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The Rise of Account-Based Marketing Timeline

May 5, 2016

Amid the recent hype over account-based marketing, it’s easy to forget that ABM has been around for years. 

Developed in the early 2000s as a way to bring marketing and sales together around their most important accounts, ABM has helped many technology and professional services firms think beyond the immediate sales pitch and focus instead on real client needs.

“The Rise of Account-Based Marketing” timeline illustrates some key moments in the development of ABM theory and practice, as well as companies that have pioneered and proven the approach over the last dozen years.

The Rise of Account-Based Marketing

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ABM History Top Ten:

  • 1993: Peppers and Rogers publish The One to One Future
  • 1997: CSC lands mega-deals with ABM-like pursuit marketing
  • 2003: ITSMA introduces and names Account-Based Marketing concept and approach
  • 2006: ITSMA launches ABM Council; Xerox and Northrup Grumman win first ABM Marketing Excellence Awards
  • 2007: ITSMA introduces three-phase model for ABM program development
  • 2009: ITSMA introduces Collaborative Account Planning model
  • 2011: BT is first to automate account insight for ABM
  • 2012: ITSMA introduces first marketing certification program for ABM
  • 2015: ABM catches fire with VC funding for technology-enabled ABM
  • 2016: ITSMA study documents rise of three types of ABM

Download a PDF of the ITSMA ABM timeline (0.5 Mb PDF)


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