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Account-Based Marketing Certification: Setting up for Success

April 11, 2019

  • Account-based marketing

The demand for ABM professionals is accelerating as more companies see the demonstrable impact ABM can have on organizational performance. That’s why so many ABM-ers are equipping themselves through training with the blend of leadership capability, business acumen, and expertise integral to this transformational marketing approach to customers.

Kathryn McGinney, Sr. Manager, Account-Based Marketing for Splunk Inc., brings this need for ABM education vividly to life in a recent interview (PDF) with ITSMA. As a graduate of ITSMA’s ABM Certification and Mentoring Program last year, Kathryn explains the impact that participating in the program has had on her day-to-day activities and career.

When Kathryn joined Splunk four years ago as a field marketing manager there was no ABM in place. But she was keen to implement it, having started doing it at her previous job through self-training. She became, in her words, passionate about its potential.

So she was thrilled when she was offered the chance to start ABM from scratch at Splunk. The first thing she did was to sign up for the ITSMA course: “At the time I had so many ideas about ABM, but what I really needed was a framework. Not just how to put together a plan but also to get the right message across the organization, and I didn’t have that. The certification program was incredibly valuable for that. It set me up for success.”

Read more from Kathryn (PDF) about how the training continues to pay off as she grows the ABM program at Splunk.

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