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Accelerating Marketing Transformation: ITSMA’s Latest and Greatest

March 28, 2018

  • Account-based marketing, Customer Experience & Success, Marketing Strategy & Operations

As the first quarter of 2018 comes to a close, marketing leaders are ready to kick back, soak up the praise of sales and business leaders for a job well done, and leisurely ponder their next moves toward marketing transformation for global domination.

No? Well… maybe at least take the weekend with only a few hours of work each day? Ignore email for an hour to catch up on some reading you’ve tried to get to since January? 

Whatever state you’re in these days, ITSMA is here to help with a wealth of fresh data, insight, and examples to help sharpen your strategy and accelerate impact. Ponder what’s next with our latest and greatest.

Note: Most of the following are available without charge to anyone from an ITSMA member company; register today to gain full access or learn more about membership.

Accelerating Marketing Transformation with ITSMA’s Maturity Model

ITSMA Update identifies six specific areas of change for marketing transformation and introduces ITSMA’s Maturity Model for Marketing Transformation, with a tool and framework to help marketing leaders manage and guide transformational change throughout their organizations.

Next Steps for Marketing with Customer Experience and Success

ITSMA webcast highlights research on how marketers are moving to a full lifecycle approach and showcases programs from SAP and Cisco to improve the customer experience after the sale, ensure customer adoption and value, and increase retention and lifetime value.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Marketing

ITSMA Viewpoint with Cognizant’s Malcolm Frank, co-author of the book What To Do When Machines Do Everything, makes the case that AI will create a wealth of new work in marketing and throughout the economy that is better, more productive, and more satisfying.

2018 Services Marketing Budget Allocations and Trends Study

ITSMA’s annual study provides a detailed look at the state of B2B services marketing, with data on services marketing budgets, budget allocations, and investment priorities, including increased focus on engagement and advocacy, ABM, and digital.

What Does Best-in-Class ABM Look Like?

ITSMA webcast provides expert guidance on critical ABM questions, how to leverage different types of ABM, account selection and tiering, getting started, and learning from ABM leaders at companies including Juniper, DXC, Microsoft, SAP, KPMG, and Fujitsu.

IBM and the New Work of Marketing

ITSMA Case Study examines how IBM is transforming its marketing organization, including all 5,000 marketers worldwide, to embrace “the new work of marketing,” with process and structural changes to become more buyer, data, and outcome-focused.


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