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ABM, Marketing Agility, Customer Success, and More…Top Posts from 2016

January 11, 2017

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The pace of change in marketing is fast but last year’s top posts still provide great insight for the challenges to come. In case you missed them, check out our top 10 below for essential data and guidance on many of our key issues for 2017. 

  1. A Third Wave in Services Marketing?
    Services marketing was in its infancy when we founded ITSMA back in 1994. Today, as the enterprise technology world undergoes another major transformation, we seem to have entered a third wave for IT services marketing.
  2. Deloitte’s Thought Leadership Shift: Five Keys to Success
    Deloitte has long been a leader in developing and promoting thought leadership but new team leadership engineered a shift several years ago to create a more focused, integrated, and innovative approach that has yielded substantial improvement in industry recognition and client engagement.
  3. Top Tactics for Three Types of ABM
    ITSMA’s study, Fueling the Account-Based Marketing Fire, documented the rise of three distinct types of ABM: Strategic, Lite, and Programmatic. As companies look to test or expand any or all of these approaches, it’s critical to understand which tactics can be most effective.
  4. Embracing the Digital, Agile Future: Key Takeaways from ITSMA’s Marketing Leadership Forum
    Marketing agility was the core topic at our 2016 Marketing Leadership Forum as 60+ senior marketing executives gathered in Napa, CA, to share ideas on the incredible changes washing over the B2B landscape. ITSMA President and CEO Dave Munn reviews the key takeaways.
  5. Two Roads to Marketing Agility
    The need for speed is nothing new but B2B marketing leaders have now put agility at the top of their agendas and ITSMA’s recent study highlights two roads they are taking: software development-inspired methodologies and homegrown approaches focused more broadly on mindset and culture.
  6. What’s Next for ABM: Tips and Predictions from NextGen Forum
    ITSMA’s June 2016 Forum in London dug deep into the evolution of ABM with contributions on best practices, trends to follow, and next steps from ABM leaders at Avanade, CSC, Demandbase, Fujitsu, Oracle, and Professor Malcolm McDonald of Cranfield University.
  7. Marketing’s Next Opportunity: Leading the Charge for Customer Success
    Ensuring customer success has moved from important to urgent as B2B firms rely more on customer retention and growth in the subscription economy. Jeb Dasteel, Oracle’s chief customer officer, explains why marketers are best positioned to lead the transformation that all B2B firms need to make.
  8. How Many Buyer Personas? Fewer Than You Think!
    Marketing leaders are often surprised when we tell them they only need one or two buyer personas to guide programs for services and solutions. The key is to do the research and create personas based on the actual dynamics of how and why buyers buy, not superficial profiles.
  9. Digital First? Balancing Online and Offline Marketing (Infographic)
    Digital marketing dominates the discussion but offline programs remain critical to engaging with B2B buyers of high value services and solutions. ITSMA’s new infographic highlights the continuing importance of offline initiatives and a balanced online-offline approach.
  10. Leveraging Data for Insight-Led Marketing: Organizational Commitment
    For most B2B organizations, the practice of data-driven marketing has yet to live up to the promise. For the leaders, though, it all begins with a clear organizational commitment and a clear strategy to turn raw data into usable insight.

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