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ITSMA Now Offers You a Choice of ABM Training Programs

April 18, 2013

Since ITSMA pioneered the concept of Account Based Marketing (ABM) over ten years ago, a small industry of advisors and trainers has sprung up to teach B2B marketers how to apply it. But applying ABM principles to your own situation isn’t an abstract check-the-boxes kind of endeavor. It requires applying a proven methodology and working with an experienced mentor who can demonstrate how ABM can work for you, regardless of your situation. That’s the goal of ITSMA’s three-session Introduction to Account Based Marketing online program, scheduled for June 6, 13, and 20. The program is intended for experienced B2B marketing professionals who are new to implementing ABM methodology. It focuses on practical steps that participants can apply immediately to understand the power of ABM. Participants will learn how to:
  • Analyze a key account
  • Map your capabilities to the account’s business imperatives
  • Develop highly targeted value propositions for each imperative
  • Using existing marketing assets, develop distinct pitches to engage each audience and role within the account
  • Wrap everything up in an ABM campaign plan to be implemented after the sessions end
The program is not a substitute for ITSMA’s ABM Certification Program, which includes weekly follow-up meetings with mentors as marketers work with sales colleagues on actual pursuits. Rather, it is intended to be a catalyst for igniting a more focused approach to big-ticket pursuits of deals in high-value accounts. For more information, see  

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