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Marketing Excellence Award Winners 2014

November 4, 2014

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Driving Business with Thought Leadership

EY - Diamond Award Winner

Diamond Award: EY

EY’s ‘5’ series is a thought leadership program centered on 1,200 word pieces answering five key questions on hot-button business topics: What’s the issue? Why now? How does it affect you? What’s the fix? What’s the bottom line? Combined with short videos and slide decks for client meetings, the ‘5’ series has become the foundation of EY’s demand generation campaigns for its Americas Advisory services. The results have been a significant boost in revenue and pipeline (in one case from flat growth to 125% of target), extended brand recognition and reputation among clients, and better integration between EY’s different services.

CSC - Gold Award WinnerGold Award: CSC

CSC transformed its CIO Barometer, an annual regional research project, into a highly coordinated global campaign. The content is now available in several languages and formats, including a downloadable PDF, a print edition, infographics, videos, Town Halls, social media, and through traditional face-to-face meetings, events, and CIO roundtables. CSC also created a CIO Barometer microsite that offers a highly interactive way of not only viewing key data, but also comparing and contrasting data over time and in different regions. The results of the campaign dramatically exceeded the firm’s projections, delivering tens of millions of dollars in marketing-sourced total customer value.

Optum - Gold Award WinnerGold Award: Optum

With the goal of raising Optum’s thought leader position among employers, the marketing team created the Optum Resource Center for Health & Well-being (ORC), a platform for delivering research-based insights, trends and perspectives about important health care issues impacting employers. The employer market team’s search for a high-impact, thoughtful and newsworthy approach resulted in the Optum Annual Wellness in the Workplace Study. Now in its fifth year, the study generates significant sales pipeline touch points, speaking invitations for conferences, and thousands of dollars in earned media coverage. It also positioned Optum as a thought leader in the employer market.

Enabling Sales Channels

Amdocs - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: Amdocs

Amdocs was faced with the challenge of successfully educating a fast-growing, global sales force about a constantly changing portfolio of products, services and solutions, and providing them with extensive sales collateral when they’re mostly situated in remote locations or small offices. In response, Amdocs developed two innovative channels to help customer-facing teams learn and prepare for sales engagements quickly, easily, and from anywhere: Sales Point consolidated 30 sales sites to become the primary online knowledge resource for Sales, 80% of whom visit each quarter; the Sales Business Academy dramatically reduced training costs and has been used by over 90% of Sales.

BT - Gold Award WinnerGold Award: BT Global Services

BT Global Services’ Key Account Marketing (KAM) programme has been re-launched in 2014 to deliver a more innovative, intuitive, and enhanced service. It is an online portal that brings together customer insight and account planning, keeping crucial information in one place. It supports 1300 accounts and distributes real-time news and social media content at an executive, company, and sector level. Customer insight is tailored enabling sales to talk knowledgeably to their customers. Account development plans (ADPs) can be edited in real time, enabling global sales collaboration and planning.

IBM - Gold Award WinnerGold Award: IBM

In order to address changing markets, buyers and technology, IBM’s Ecosystem Development organization rolled out the global BDReadiness Series. The goal was to equip IBM Business Development Representatives (BDRs) with a partner-focused framework that incorporates new methodologies and tools for effective collaboration. The series addresses the need to reinvent knowledge, skills, and behaviors in order to develop new business opportunities and deliver true value to partners. The innovative approach delivers “blended learning” that includes webinars, workshops, gamification and mentoring, resulting in 140 action plans designed to accelerate business growth with IBM partners, thereby driving $200-400 million in projected IBM revenue.

Optimizing Online and Offline Marketing

IBM - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: IBM

To seamlessly create integrated, targeted, global, omni-channel client conversations, IBM capitalized on our strongest assets: technology, people, and processes. Effective channels, both on- and off-line, resulted in an immersive client experience. Contact initiated through multiple starting points—paid media search words, content syndication, the IBM retail blog, a response to a twitter posting—all drive to action points, such as IBM’s retail landing page on Bottom line: IBM transformed its approach from simple lead gathering to personalized client touches at every stage of the buying process.

KPMG - Gold Award WinnerGold Award: KPMG International

World Economic Forum Live ( was an innovative Twitter aggregation service from KPMG International that distilled in real time the Twitter conversations from WEF participants, media, and Twitter users around the world. WEFLIVE involved the collaboration of marketing and communications teams across the KPMG global network. With a truly integrated campaign, and the service’s enhanced data visualization features, WEFLIVE was tremendously successful, beyond its 2013 achievements. WEFLIVE continues to mark a new era for digital dialogue, as the world’s window into the annual meeting in Davos.

Optum - Gold Award WinnerGold Award: Optum

Optum, a leading information and technology-enabled health services business, provides a sophisticated data and analytics solution to the health care provider market. Although Optum is competing in a crowded field, a content-focused marketing effort—developed after extensive market opportunity, persona, and focus group research—increased Optum’s visibility and demand for its solution. The campaign showed how Optum could help organizations take advantage of big data through advanced analytics and a better strategy for managing population health. Using a combination of “push” and “pull” marketing tactics, the campaign has, in three months, generated sales opportunities worth approximately $11 million.

Improving Impact with Marketing Technology and Analytics

Microsoft - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: Microsoft Services

Microsoft Services wanted to move beyond traditional deployment services into complex, multi-solution services. With over 650 Marketers and Sellers, many accounts, and multiple offerings, empirical targeting became crucial. The Services Account Targeting Tool (SATT) uses sophisticated data mining models to identify customers likely to purchase complex services. SATT also helps to prioritize what solutions to position to each customer using actionable sales recommendations. By last fiscal year end, 69% of Services’ closed revenue came from SATT High-recommended opportunities. Sellers saw a six-fold greater chance of progressing SATT high-recommended leads to qualified opportunities and nearly three times larger per-account deal sizes.

Cisco - Gold Award WinnerGold Award: Cisco Systems

The Cisco Analytics and Insights-Driven Marketing Initiative (AIM) drives a data-driven approach across the entire customer lifecycle of services. AIM analytics are applied to influence 1) purchase decisions via sales enablement and demand generation; 2) post-sale experiences with Cisco via consumption campaigns; 3) customer adoption, utilization, and value via ongoing support interaction, which in turn generates leads and feeds back into the customer purchase decision. This innovative approach uncovers new services opportunities and enables Cisco Services to be significantly more agile and responsive to customer requirements. AIM contributes to profitable growth, sharper risk management and higher-performing services and product portfolios.


Accelerating Growth with Account Based Marketing

Diamond Award: Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks was at a pivotal turning point with one of its largest customers as the customer evaluated partners for their next-generation network. Juniper Networks’ marketing and sales teams joined forces to implement a fully-aligned, comprehensive, account-based marketing strategy designed to demonstrate innovation, shared visions, and commitment to high-quality execution. As a result of these efforts, the customer selected Juniper Networks as a partner to help them move their new network forward. Revenue from the account grew 30% year over year; marketing contribution represented 30% of a multi-billion dollar pipeline; and mindshare within the account increased over 20%.

Cognizant - Gold Award WinnerGold Award: Cognizant

As a leading provider of IT, consulting, and BPO services, Cognizant strives to help clients ignite their entrepreneurial spirit and realize the promise of today’s technologies. Our ABM effort is a great example. By treating our relationship with a leading North American automobile OEM as a market of one, we delivered enhanced business value in record time. The result: Cognizant is now a key strategic partner of this client.
This program delivered the following benefits:
• 100% YoY growth in revenue.
• 500% increase in demand.
• 400% net increase in mindshare.
• 500% increase in new services opportunities.
• 300% increase in executive meetings.


Measuring and Communicating Marketing Performance

CSC - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: CSC

Innovative marketing teams realize the key to reporting marketing ROI lies with integration. That’s why CSC built its Digital Marketing Dashboard. After two years creating a digital ecosystem of 50+ systems that can produce thousands of reports, CSC recognized it needed to deliver data in a more organized way. CSC created its Digital Marketing Dashboard in less than a year. While the task was complex, the dashboard’s goal was simple: provide a high-level summary of key marketing metrics to anyone with a login. Now functional, the dashboard helps CSC sales and marketing break its habit of analyzing and reporting in silos.

HCL - Gold Award WinnerGold Award: HCL Technologies Ltd.

HCL’s need for integrated marketing measurement led to the creation of the “One Marketing Dashboard” built on AIDA framework. The Dashboard is used to demonstrate to the company’s leadership the contribution of marketing activities on the overall funnel generation. Top level executives are able to see a single view of marketing performance, plan budgets on result-oriented campaigns, and create a sense of urgency by mapping market share vis-à-vis competition. It further resulted in a better understanding of channel attribution mapped with leads, thus enabling performance-aligned budget allocation and early identification of gaps to improve marketing performance.

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