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Marketing Excellence Award Winners 2012

December 4, 2012

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2012 Award Winners

Winners Press Release |   Project Summaries 1.9Mb PDF
Driving Business with Thought Leadership Diamond Award: Deloitte Gold Award: BT
Enabling Sales Channels  Diamond Award: Cisco Gold Award: IBM
Generating and Nurturing Leads Diamond Award: Dell Gold Award: DocuSign Gold Award: Cisco
Marketing with Social and Interactive Media Diamond Award: Dell Gold Award: Infosys
Strengthening Client Relationships and Building Loyalty Diamond Award: IBM Gold Award: Microsoft Corporation Gold Award: Optum
Transforming the Marketing Organization Diamond Award: TCS Gold Award: Capgemini

Driving Business with Thought Leadership

Deloitte - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: Deloitte

Regulatory and enforcement activity around fraud and corruption has increased the need for businesses to address the issue of corruption. Our “Corruption Campaign” gave our practitioners a strong voice on this issue and enabled Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP to move ahead of its competition. Our integrated campaign was informed by marketplace analysis and tackled the issue of corruption through public relations, survey reports, white papers, webcasts, podcasts, speaking engagements, sponsorships, proprietary events, and social media. This campaign helped to build and sustain relationships, bring awareness, and most importantly, drive revenue for our practice, which achieved 23% growth!

Gold Award: BTBT - Gold Award Winner

As the official communications services partner for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, BT sought a robust thought leadership marketing programme to raise awareness, provide a conversation hook, and drive businesses to develop the kind of agility that London 2012 might demand. BT faced a media environment that focused on the potential for business and transport meltdown in London during the Games, with a clear gap of positive messaging around the steps businesses should take to prepare. BT also needed to draw organisations’ attention to opportunities that the Games would create and to leverage the potential economic upturn of a reported £21bn.

Enabling Sales Channels

Diamond Award: Cisco

Cisco - Diamond Award WinnerThe Cisco Advanced Services marketing team had a clear challenge—ignite and enable a sales channel to position and sell Cisco Advanced Services (AS). A cross functional, cross-channel coordinated effort called the Cisco AScend-Customer Touch Program allowed the team to successfully respond to the challenge. It utilized a data driven marketing methodology as well as innovative approaches to traditional marketing tactics to deliberately address three critical problem areas of the business. In the end, AScend helped successfully change sales behavior and empowered the sellers to sell AS.  

Gold Award: IBMIBM - Gold Award Winner

IBM’s Classroom to Client (C2C) program is a breakthrough enablement initiative that helps seller teams develop transformative propositions for strategic accounts. C2C builds on a simple belief, that if the right experts are brought together with priority account teams to engage in purposeful conversation, it will result in success and growth for both the client and IBM. Through in-depth collaboration, teams develop industry insight, financial astuteness, and identify high-value opportunities. Teams then translate that work into a pursuit plan that successfully builds improved C-suite relationships and evolves the client conversations, delivering strong financial results and improvements in client satisfaction.

Generating and Nurturing Leads

Diamond Award: Dell

Dell - Diamond Award WinnerIn 2008, Dell initiated a transformation of its offerings, providing end-to-end solutions and services to our business and public sector customers. Measureable lead generation became a critical strategy for the marketing organization, requiring teams to generate both awareness and tangible demand across our customer base. Dell adopted progressive industry best practices and formed a Global Demand Center to align best practices worldwide for demand generation: lead management, sales handoff, operations, and reporting. As a result, Dell has seen an exponential growth in demand generation results and marketing’s impact on the rapidly evolving business.  

Gold Award: DocuSign

DocuSign - Gold Award WinnerDocuSign was able to implement over 30 nurture programs that mapped the buying cycle to our sales cycle within 5 months of implementing a marketing automation platform, Eloqua. By mapping the buyer’s journey to our sales cycle and automating our communications, we were able to expedite our sales cycle and see a measurable effect to our business. Results were impressive and celebrated across the organization—marketing was more efficient, messaging was targeted, sales and pipeline increased, churn and support calls reduced, and customers were happier.  

Gold Award: Cisco

Cisco - Gold Award WinnerFor Cisco Services, effective lead generation and nurturing must cover multiple cycles of renewal. In the challenging SMB space, Auto-quote automates a previously manual data-intensive quoting process and turns it into a well-oiled, high volume annuity machine. Built in a three-phase process that grew from a project with one distributor to a Global Initiative, Auto-quote delivers business intelligence that uncovers new revenue streams for us and our SMB channel partners. It doubles the annual percent of available renewals closed, and revolutionizes the low-dollar, high-volume services renewals business with a low-touch/no-touch solution to capture lost revenues.  

Marketing with Social and Interactive Media

Dell - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: Dell

Dell has embedded social media across all businesses and functions, using it to build and nurture customer relationships through listening to, and engaging with, customers in meaningful ways. Dell is committed to developing innovative programs that bring our passion for social connectivity and transparency to life, including the Social Media Listening Command Center, IdeaStorm, and a complete training and certification program empowering thousands of employees globally. These efforts contribute to product improvement, positive brand sentiment, and an unmatched connection to our customers. Instead of targeting customers, Dell hears what they are saying and invitesthem to share their ideas.  

Gold Award: InfosysInfosys - Gold Award Winner

Initially the community was viewed with skepticism with a reaction of “It will never work” from many quarters as Infosys BPO set out to create an invite-only, peer-to-peer, online BPO community with a member profile of clients, prospects, and Industry professionals. Community has succeeded to great effect—today hosting 130 clients, prospects, and industry analysts. It has generated over 1,000 views of content published. Social media channels have produced relevant mindshare among clients and prospects—over 490 followers on Twitter, 228 LinkedIn members, and more than 1,200 views on SlideShare.

Strengthening Client Relationships and Building Loyalty

IBM - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: IBM

The IBM Select Access Program is an innovative client loyalty program that provides a superior and unique client experience for IBM’s top accounts world-wide. By offering our most valued clients unique access to the best of IBM—our brightest minds, market insights, cutting edge innovations, and executive peer communities—the program helps clients better recognize business opportunities, accelerate transformation, and share leadership successes through IBM’s breadth of access and expertise. This well-received program has strengthened IBM C-suite relationships, fostered transformational client engagements, contributed to successful IBM Smarter Planet solution revenue growth, and influenced over $1 billion in IBM sales opportunities.  

Gold Award: Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft - Gold Award Winner

Microsoft’s Key Account Marketing team had achieved success in deepening relationships with enterprise clients, fostering loyalty, and building partnerships. Despite positive feedback from customers and sales, the KAM program’s effectiveness and ROI were difficult to measure. To justify continued investment and evangelize results, the KAM team established metrics for account reach, penetration, and engagement; touches to existing and net-new contacts; and customer satisfaction. Results demonstrate that the program is exceeding national averages on all measures, with “very satisfied” from 99 percent of account teams, and the highest and most improved net customer satisfaction and advocacy scores of any enterprise accounts.  

Gold Award: Optum

Optum - Gold Award WinnerOptumInsight’s Client Nurture Program is focused on creating exceptional client experiences by engaging clients in high-value conversations that have a clear connection to their needs and interests. Leveraging market data and client feedback, marketing experts segment a broad target audience multi-dimensionally before utilizing data and technology to engage electronically with targeted roles, delivering relevant content dynamically to the right person at the right time. The disciplined and collaborative process that this program enforces has changed the way OptumInsight marketing engages with payer clients, resulting in increased brand credibility and stronger client relationships.

Transforming the Marketing Organization

TCS - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: TCS

By the end of 2011, TCS had reached the global top four IT services position in terms of market capitalization, number of employees, and net profit. But external research showed that TCS did not yet have the same brand awareness as the global industry leaders. In fact, “leading Indian vendor” were words often used when describing TCS—both externally and internally. This program was initiated to create a perception shift of TCS from “Indian IT” to “Global Top 4,” both internally in the company and externally in the market, as well as to highlight the Marketing functions’ strategic importance in the company.  

Gold Award: CapgeminiCapgemeni - Gold Award Winner

During 2008-2012, Capgemini, The Netherlands rebuilt its Marketing and its Communications functions completely. As seen in many other situations, these two functions acted in an extremely operational and reactive manner, fulfilling all isolated/ad hoc requests of the organization. In 2008, at least 50 FTEs were engaged in numerous events, spending up to 70% of the budget on own labor costs. The transition program professionalized the Marketing and Communication function, limited the number of local FTEs to a minimum, transferred location independent work to India, built an ecosystem with specialized agencies, and made extra 2 million Euros (33% of the budget) available for creating external impact in the market.

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