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The Buyer Divide: How to Market to Traditional and B2B Social Buyers

Author: Julie Schwartz
Published: December 11, 2012
Ref. Number: OLB121211
Pages: 42

In the ITSMA briefing The Buyer Divide: How to Market to Traditional and B2B Social Buyers, Julie Schwartz, Senior Vice president of Research and Thought Leadership, ITSMA, gives highlights from the latest How Customers Consume Information survey. The results show that buyers of large, complex technology solutions are changing their behavior, and marketers have to make some moves—quickly—to keep up.

The 2012 survey validated two trends identified in 2011: the influence and credibility of solution providers as a source of information, and the rise of the B2B social buyer. It also identified a new trend which says that contrary to conventional wisdom, buyers rely on sales at all stages of the buying process.

Julie dives into the details of the survey, showing how traditional and social buyers differ from one another and what that means for marketers who have to reach both audiences. She also shows that sales is as important as ever in large, complex solutions. The role of marketing now is to enable sales to become thought leadership sellers.

In this briefing you will learn what marketers need to do to give buyers what they want, and you will hear examples and case studies from companies who are leading the way.

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