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2012 Services Marketing Budget Allocations and Trends

Author: Julie Schwartz
Published: February 21, 2012
Ref. Number: B023
Pages: 196
ITSMA View2012 Budget Allocations and Trends Abbreviated Summary

In 2012, marketers face an unprecedented degree of complexity. With the rise of the B2B social buyer, marketers now have to reach two distinct audiences: the social buyer and the traditional buyer. We are starting to see marketers make the changes required to keep up with marketing complexity and changing buyers, such as rebalancing the marketing budget, updating the marketing organization and skills, developing thought leadership content that drives business, enabling sales, and learning to love the data explosion.


2012 Services Marketing Budget Allocations and Trends, a PowerPoint-style report, delivers a detailed look at the state of the services marketing profession as it exists in early 2012. It provides data on services marketing budgets, budget allocations, and marketing priorities from a range of companies across the technology and consulting industries.

Topics covered in the report include:

  • Services marketing budget size and growth rates
  • Services growth rates
  • Services marketing budget allocations
  • Services marketing staff growth rates
  • Services marketing staff allocations
  • Marketing mix budget allocations
  • Digital marketing budget allocations
  • Marketing operations and automation
  • Relationship management budget allocations
  • Sales enablement budget allocations
  • Marketing priorities

Key trends highlighted in the report include:

  • ITSMA members are projecting double-digit services revenue growth
  • Although many have seen budgets bounce back, marketers are still being asked to stretch their funds; marketers will need to shift funds from some budget categories to others
  • Services marketing budgets, after reaching an all-time low as a percentage of revenue in 2010, have returned to historical levels: between 1% and 2% of revenue
  • Marketers are increasing their content development and brand/communications budgets to support thought leadership marketing
  • The digital marketing budget continues to grow, but is still dwarfed by the offline communications budget
  • Although the corporate website gets the largest share of the digital marketing budget, it is shifting towards social media and mobile marketing
  • To master marketing complexity, marketers need to:
    • Re-examine marketing spending allocation
    • Update the marketing organization and skills

Study Methodology

In December 2011 and January 2012, ITSMA used a Web-based survey to gather data from its members about services marketing budgets, services growth, and top marketing priorities. ITSMA received 42 responses from 40 unique companies and analyzed the collected data in three ways:

  • The data set as a whole
  • Company type—primarily services or product and services
  • Company size—less than $1 billion or more than $1 billion in annual services revenue

Respondent Demographics


  • Professional services firm—45%
  • Software solutions provider—19%
  • Computer systems and solutions provider—12%
  • Network systems and solution provider—12%
  • Other—12%
Company Size

  • Less than $100M in services revenue—14%
  • $100–249M
    in services revenue—5%
  • $250–499M in services revenue—10%
  • $500–999.9M in services revenue—5%
  • $1–5B in services revenue—36%
  • Greater than $5B in services revenue—31%
Type of Company

  • Sells both products and services—52%
  • Primarily sells services—48%

Table of Contents for 2012 Services Marketing Budget Allocations and Trends

Survey Highlights
Survey Methodology and Demographics
Size of the Marketing Budget
Services Revenue Growth
Marketing Staffing
Services Marketing Budget Allocation
The Marketing Mix
Marketing Operations and Automation
Relationship Management
Sales Enablement
Marketing Priorities
Appendix: Definitions Used in This Report

Participating Companies

This report is available free of charge to current ITSMA members that responded to this survey.
Companies that responded but are not members of ITSMA will receive an Executive Summary.

Black & Veatch
BT Global Services
CA Technologies
Cerium Networks
Cisco Systems
Convey Compliance Systems
Event 360
Fujitsu UK and Ireland
Geehan Group
iGATE Patni
Infotech Enterprises
Juniper Networks
Northrop Grumman
Philips Healthcare
SBS Group
Schneider Electric
Siemens Enterprise Communications
Talent Partners
Tata Consultancy Services
Unisys Corporation
Xerox Corporation

If your company is on the above list, please send us an email (using your company email) and request your copy. Orders will be processed the next business day.

For non-participating companies, this report is available for sale at member and nonmember prices. To order, click the button below.