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2012 Award Winners

Winners Press Release |   Project Summaries 1.9Mb PDF  |  Summaries – Online Booklet View

Driving Business with Thought Leadership Diamond Award: Deloitte
Gold Award: BT
Enabling Sales Channels  Diamond Award: Cisco
Gold Award: IBM
Generating and Nurturing Leads Diamond Award: Dell
Gold Award: DocuSign
Gold Award: Cisco
Marketing with Social and Interactive Media Diamond Award: Dell
Gold Award: Infosys
Strengthening Client Relationships and Building Loyalty Diamond Award: IBM
Gold Award: Microsoft Corporation
Gold Award: Optum
Transforming the Marketing Organization Diamond Award: TCS
Gold Award: Capgemini

Driving Business with Thought Leadership

Deloitte - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: Deloitte

Regulatory and enforcement activity around fraud and corruption has increased the need for businesses to address the issue of corruption. Our “Corruption Campaign” gave our practitioners a strong voice on this issue and enabled Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP to move ahead of its competition. Our integrated campaign was informed by marketplace analysis and tackled the issue of corruption through public relations, survey reports, white papers, webcasts, podcasts, speaking engagements, sponsorships, proprietary events, and social media. This campaign helped to build and sustain relationships, bring awareness, and most importantly, drive revenue for our practice, which achieved 23% growth!

Gold Award: BTBT - Gold Award Winner

As the official communications services partner for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, BT sought a robust thought leadership marketing programme to raise awareness, provide a conversation hook, and drive businesses to develop the kind of agility that London 2012 might demand. BT faced a media environment that focused on the potential for business and transport meltdown in London during the Games, with a clear gap of positive messaging around the steps businesses should take to prepare. BT also needed to draw organisations’ attention to opportunities that the Games would create and to leverage the potential economic upturn of a reported £21bn.

Enabling Sales Channels

Diamond Award: Cisco

Cisco - Diamond Award WinnerThe Cisco Advanced Services marketing team had a clear challenge—ignite and enable a sales channel to position and sell Cisco Advanced Services (AS). A cross functional, cross-channel coordinated effort called the Cisco AScend-Customer Touch Program allowed the team to successfully respond to the challenge. It utilized a data driven marketing methodology as well as innovative approaches to traditional marketing tactics to deliberately address three critical problem areas of the business. In the end, AScend helped successfully change sales behavior and empowered the sellers to sell AS.


Gold Award: IBMIBM - Gold Award Winner

IBM’s Classroom to Client (C2C) program is a breakthrough enablement initiative that helps seller teams develop transformative propositions for strategic accounts. C2C builds on a simple belief, that if the right experts are brought together with priority account teams to engage in purposeful conversation, it will result in success and growth for both the client and IBM. Through in-depth collaboration, teams develop industry insight, financial astuteness, and identify high-value opportunities. Teams then translate that work into a pursuit plan that successfully builds improved C-suite relationships and evolves the client conversations, delivering strong financial results and improvements in client satisfaction.

Generating and Nurturing Leads

Diamond Award: Dell

Dell - Diamond Award WinnerIn 2008, Dell initiated a transformation of its offerings, providing end-to-end solutions and services to our business and public sector customers. Measureable lead generation became a critical strategy for the marketing organization, requiring teams to generate both awareness and tangible demand across our customer base. Dell adopted progressive industry best practices and formed a Global Demand Center to align best practices worldwide for demand generation: lead management, sales handoff, operations, and reporting. As a result, Dell has seen an exponential growth in demand generation results and marketing’s impact on the rapidly evolving business.


Gold Award: DocuSign

DocuSign - Gold Award WinnerDocuSign was able to implement over 30 nurture programs that mapped the buying cycle to our sales cycle within 5 months of implementing a marketing automation platform, Eloqua. By mapping the buyer’s journey to our sales cycle and automating our communications, we were able to expedite our sales cycle and see a measurable effect to our business. Results were impressive and celebrated across the organization—marketing was more efficient, messaging was targeted, sales and pipeline increased, churn and support calls reduced, and customers were happier.


Gold Award: Cisco

Cisco - Gold Award WinnerFor Cisco Services, effective lead generation and nurturing must cover multiple cycles of renewal. In the challenging SMB space, Auto-quote automates a previously manual data-intensive quoting process and turns it into a well-oiled, high volume annuity machine. Built in a three-phase process that grew from a project with one distributor to a Global Initiative, Auto-quote delivers business intelligence that uncovers new revenue streams for us and our SMB channel partners. It doubles the annual percent of available renewals closed, and revolutionizes the low-dollar, high-volume services renewals business with a low-touch/no-touch solution to capture lost revenues.


Marketing with Social and Interactive Media

Dell - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: Dell

Dell has embedded social media across all businesses and functions, using it to build and nurture customer relationships through listening to, and engaging with, customers in meaningful ways. Dell is committed to developing innovative programs that bring our passion for social connectivity and transparency to life, including the Social Media Listening Command Center, IdeaStorm, and a complete training and certification program empowering thousands of employees globally. These efforts contribute to product improvement, positive brand sentiment, and an unmatched connection to our customers. Instead of targeting customers, Dell hears what they are saying and invitesthem to share their ideas.


Gold Award: InfosysInfosys - Gold Award Winner

Initially the community was viewed with skepticism with a reaction of “It will never work” from many quarters as Infosys BPO set out to create an invite-only, peer-to-peer, online BPO community with a member profile of clients, prospects, and Industry professionals. Community has succeeded to great effect—today hosting 130 clients, prospects, and industry analysts. It has generated over 1,000 views of content published. Social media channels have produced relevant mindshare among clients and prospects—over 490 followers on Twitter, 228 LinkedIn members, and more than 1,200 views on SlideShare.

Strengthening Client Relationships and Building Loyalty

IBM - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: IBM

The IBM Select Access Program is an innovative client loyalty program that provides a superior and unique client experience for IBM’s top accounts world-wide. By offering our most valued clients unique access to the best of IBM—our brightest minds, market insights, cutting edge innovations, and executive peer communities—the program helps clients better recognize business opportunities, accelerate transformation, and share leadership successes through IBM’s breadth of access and expertise. This well-received program has strengthened IBM C-suite relationships, fostered transformational client engagements, contributed to successful IBM Smarter Planet solution revenue growth, and influenced over $1 billion in IBM sales opportunities.


Gold Award: Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft - Gold Award Winner

Microsoft’s Key Account Marketing team had achieved success in deepening relationships with enterprise clients, fostering loyalty, and building partnerships. Despite positive feedback from customers and sales, the KAM program’s effectiveness and ROI were difficult to measure. To justify continued investment and evangelize results, the KAM team established metrics for account reach, penetration, and engagement; touches to existing and net-new contacts; and customer satisfaction. Results demonstrate that the program is exceeding national averages on all measures, with “very satisfied” from 99 percent of account teams, and the highest and most improved net customer satisfaction and advocacy scores of any enterprise accounts.


Gold Award: Optum

Optum - Gold Award WinnerOptumInsight’s Client Nurture Program is focused on creating exceptional client experiences by engaging clients in high-value conversations that have a clear connection to their needs and interests. Leveraging market data and client feedback, marketing experts segment a broad target audience multi-dimensionally before utilizing data and technology to engage electronically with targeted roles, delivering relevant content dynamically to the right person at the right time. The disciplined and collaborative process that this program enforces has changed the way OptumInsight marketing engages with payer clients, resulting in increased brand credibility and stronger client relationships.

Transforming the Marketing Organization

TCS - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: TCS

By the end of 2011, TCS had reached the global top four IT services position in terms of market capitalization, number of employees, and net profit. But external research showed that TCS did not yet have the same brand awareness as the global industry leaders. In fact, “leading Indian vendor” were words often used when describing TCS—both externally and internally. This program was initiated to create a perception shift of TCS from “Indian IT” to “Global Top 4,” both internally in the company and externally in the market, as well as to highlight the Marketing functions’ strategic importance in the company.


Gold Award: CapgeminiCapgemeni - Gold Award Winner

During 2008-2012, Capgemini, The Netherlands rebuilt its Marketing and its Communications functions completely. As seen in many other situations, these two functions acted in an extremely operational and reactive manner, fulfilling all isolated/ad hoc requests of the organization. In 2008, at least 50 FTEs were engaged in numerous events, spending up to 70% of the budget on own labor costs. The transition program professionalized the Marketing and Communication function, limited the number of local FTEs to a minimum, transferred location independent work to India, built an ecosystem with specialized agencies, and made extra 2 million Euros (33% of the budget) available for creating external impact in the market.

2011 Award Winners

Winners Press Release |  Project Summaries 2.6Mb PDF  |  Summaries – Online Booklet View

Building Client Loyalty and Trust Diamond Award: HCL America
Gold Award: Cisco
Developing New Markets Diamond Award: IBM
Gold Award: SAP
Driving Business with Thought Leadership Diamond Award: Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP
Gold Award: Cognizant
Gold Award: IBM
Enabling Sales Channels Diamond Award: Fujitsu
Gold Award: Cisco
Generating and Nurturing Leads Diamond Award: IBM
Gold Award: Microsoft Corporation
Marketing with Social Media Diamond Award: HP
Gold Award: HDS

Building Client Loyalty and Trust

HCL - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: HCL America

HCL’s Customer Advisory Council (CAC) is a collaborative, global forum where 80 of HCL’s Fortune 500 C-level customers and thought leaders convene biannually to advise HCL on industry trends, changing business priorities and its strategic direction. The CAC also serves as a platform for HCL’s customers and their peers to exchange ideas, best practices and network. HCL is successfully running three CAC Chapters, (two US, one European) and is set to launch its APAC council next month. Tangible outcomes of the CAC include: higher customer retention, satisfaction and revenue growth.

Gold Award: CiscoCisco - Gold Award Winner

The Cisco Services Partner Advisory Board Program tackles major challenges facing Cisco and services partners: simplifying complex operational and economic models, and reducing overhead and administrative costs of doing business with Cisco.  Focused on sweeping transformation of service delivery, the program drives deep partner loyalty. Engaged as co-creators, partners help Cisco build win-win-win relationships for themselves, our customers, and our bottom line. Participants are strong advocates willing to invest with Cisco, and in turn experience best-in-class bookings and return on investment. The program sets the cornerstone to partner loyalty: a differentiated value proposition that competes on value rather than price.

Developing New Markets

IBM - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: IBM

In March, IBM launched Smarter Commerce to help clients capitalize on the digital, social and mobile reshaping of “commerce” and increase the value that they generate for their customers in a rapidly-changing, digital world. In developing this new market, IBM employed a three–pronged, integrated marketing and sales approach to “plant the seed”, “set the vision” and “make it real”. The response surpassed objectives – with the influencer communities not only embracing this new market, but anticipating significant “first mover advantage” for IBM. Smarter Commerce generated over $200 million in pipeline and over $100 million in signings revenue for consulting services.

Gold Award: SAPSAP - Gold Award Winner

SAP Rapid Deployment solutions represent an innovative new offering type and brand.  Consisting of preconfigured software, predefined services, content and user enablement, these solutions provide customers with unprecedented predictability, integration and choice.  In order for SAP to successfully bring these solutions to market, all of its organizational units – from development to consulting, delivery, marketing, and sales – had to change the way they approach solutions in order to create a complete, integrated process.  SAP formally launched five SAP Rapid Deployment solutions in September 2010, and the response from analysts, industry influencers, bloggers, and most importantly, customers, has been overwhelmingly positive. The combination of game-changing solution offerings, comprehensive program management, and innovative marketing and sales-enablement strategies has resulted in wins across all regions and a rapidly expanding portfolio.  Learn more at

Driving Business with Thought Leadership

Deloitte - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP

Deloitte Discovery, a practice within Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP, wanted to raise its awareness and credibility among corporate legal departments and law firms. In response, the marketing team designed a thought leadership program using idea marketing, in which we provide valuable content instead of content on our services. This started the movement to position Deloitte as a leader in e-discovery, both from a consultancy and a service delivery perspective. Idea marketing included conducting research, building an idea network, distributing content via a non-commercial website, and tracking return. Idea marketing has led to an increase in revenue and industry recognition.

Gold Award: CognizantCognizant - Gold Award Winner

The Cognizant “Future is now. Let’s put it to work” thought leadership program is about a new, 21st century approach to productivity and competitiveness. It is a message to forward-thinkers, change agents and C-suite catalysts. A first for Cognizant, the integrated marketing campaign has been adopted as the organization’s unified thought leadership platform.  The galvanizing message is used across all communication channels inside and outside the company. It is clearly an approach that resonates with the company’s global marketplace and clients resulting in increased awareness, elevated brand perception, driven social media engagement, and resulted in greater, more meaningful client conversations. Visit to experience the Future of Work.

IBM - Gold Award WinnerGold Award: IBM

Last February, an IBM computer named Watson made history when it defeated Jeopardy!’s two greatest champions. But for IBM the real victory would be educating decision makers on Watson’s enormous potential to solve tough business challenges. One of the company’s most successful integrated campaigns, the IBM Watson program used thought leadership to build understanding of Watson-like technologies and their implications on business, key industries such as healthcare, and society. The campaign captured the world’s imagination, generating 1.3 billion impressions, awareness among 70% of the general US population, double-digit millions in related revenue, and increased interest in IBM as an employer – all within the campaign’s first three months.

Enabling Sales Channels

Fujitsu - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: Fujitsu

The Fujitsu ‘Enabling Field Sales to deliver Business Results’ programme is an innovative, industrialised targeting process designed to help the organisation win high-value managed IT service contracts within the private sector. Within a five month period, the programme has delivered real business results including a 21.6% increase in new opportunities within the pipeline.
“The Marketing Team have really stepped up to the mark and I was blown away by the tools they have developed. I see Sales and Marketing as one team achieving together rather than one of a supply and demand model.” (Duncan Tait, CEO, Fujitsu UK & Ireland)

Gold Award: Cisco

Cisco - Gold Award WinnerCisco Collaborative Services is changing the relationship between Cisco and our partners. Collaborative Services helps partners use Cisco’s Smart Services, intellectual capital, and global service infrastructure as assets to combine with their own capabilities. Interactive sales tools help Cisco sales personnel qualify partners, gather information about business goals, assess risk, and enable discussions about business benefits. Hundreds of partners are actively engaged in selling Collaborative Services. Our interactive sales tools help target the right partners for the right collaborative offers. These tools are crucial in helping our partners transform their business, mitigate their risk, and in expanding Cisco sales channels.


Generating and Nurturing Leads

IBM - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: IBM

IBM uses predictive analytics to optimize marketing strategy and execution – few match IBM’s global scale in terms of tactics executed, audiences nurtured, and offerings.  The Target—Marketing Analytics Platform (Target-MAP) is central to IBM’s global strategy to deliver country-specific analytic models to drive demand generation activities.  As marketing databases expand – and offerings diversify – how do we optimize alignment between clients and product offerings?  Target-MAP incorporates cutting-edge analytic automation that embeds analytic modeling into demand programs.  Target-MAP generates analytic insights that optimize marketing results – yielding a higher quality pipeline and optimized won revenue.

Gold Award: Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft - Gold Award Winner

While Microsoft customers demonstrated interest by engaging with Microsoft, if they were not “lead-ready” for sales or partner hand-off, they fell off Marketing’s radar. Approximately 80 percent of customers engaging with Microsoft received no follow-up. The Marketing team created an innovative engine leveraging behavioral insights from online and in-person engagements to deliver the most relevant information to the correct customer contacts. In addition to transforming the go-to-market approach, results include more successful, integrated and lower-cost campaigns; increased customer satisfaction; greater scale; an unprecedented level of cross-marketing collaboration; and significant improvements in customer responses. Read more

Marketing with Social Media

HP - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: HP

HP Technology Services implemented a brand awareness program, utilizing a multi-faceted social media component for the first time. This innovative use of social media, focusing on the “human factor”, resulted in: SOV increasing 146% q/q; LinkedIn ads had 4.5million+ impressions, driving traffic to FB quiz, with 10,000+ tab views, increasing fans by 149%; YouTube videos doubled q/q, and 52,000+ visited our Meet the Experts site: A USA Today article drove traffic to our Sweepstakes, helping us reach our $100K contribution to CARE in just 9 days.

Gold Award: HDSHDS - Gold Award Winner

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) was embarking on its biggest product launch in recent history.  With a huge awareness and lead generation challenge, yet a small budget and a limited share of voice, HDS needed to be creative in extending the message through new channels and new voices. HDS selected a services offer – a Storage Economics assessment – as the lead promotion and developed a “treasure hunt” contest, sponsored a bloggers day, and integrated social media into the global mix.   The campaign exceeded its goals, delivering a20% uplift in engagements, 600 new leads, 6000 views and a resulting stellar product launch.

2010 Award Winners

Winners Press ReleaseView SummariesDownload Winners PDF (1Mb)

Developing & Launching New Offerings Diamond Award: IBM Corporation
Gold Award: Capgemini
Gold Award: Cisco
Enabling Sales Diamond Award: Cisco
Gold Award: Avaya
Gold Award: Microsoft
Lead Generation, Management, and Measurement Diamond Award: BT
Gold Award: Hewlett-Packard Corporation
Marketing with Social Media Diamond Award: IBM India
Gold Award: TELUS
Thought Leadership Marketing Diamond Award: IBM
Gold Award: GE Healthcare

Developing & Launching New Offerings

IBM - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: IBM Corporation

Business Analytics and Optimization Services

In April 2009, IBM Global Business Services launched Business Analytics and Optimization Services (BAO) to help clients make better decisions by harnessing the exploding volume, velocity, and variety of information. IBM Global Business Services’ consulting practice—in collaboration with Marketing and Communications—leveraged IBM Research and technology to build a portfolio of more than 100 BAO solutions. Through an innovative offering launch, more than 4,000 consultants were armed with thought leadership studies, advertising, events, and interactive and social media tactics. Seven Analytics Solution Centers worldwide now support client co-creation. Ultimately, Marketing’s efforts defined and demonstrated BAO’s value, engaged the public, and positioned IBM as the BAO industry leader.


CapGemini - Gold Award WinnerGold Award: Capgemini

Capgemini’s Quality Blueprint Global Marketing Program

With a rich array of sales enablement assets tailored for financial services customers, Capgemini’s Quality Blueprint is a testing program designed to transcend alignment and execution issues inherent across business units and regions, package complex service offerings with highly relevant and differentiated marketing messages, and expand existing account footprints by leveraging a new wedge offering to generate larger testing sales. Capgemini’s differentiated packaging includes sales toolkits, sales training, e-marketing and telesales, external events, analyst and public relations programs, along with a marquee piece of thought leadership, the Financial Services World Quality Report, developed by Capgemini, HP, and Sogeti. For more information, visit

Cisco - Gold Award WinnerGold Award: Cisco

Cisco Smart Care Program


Smart Care offers Cisco partners a new value proposition.  It creates a uniquely advantaged collaborative services platform that provides partners massive infrastructure strength, tools, and resources.  It empowers distributors and partners to add unique branding and expertise to managed services.  Smart Care enables partners to provide comprehensive network-level technical support, ongoing network monitoring, and proactive maintenance, all under a single service contract, delivered by the partner and backed by Cisco. Smart Care gives partners the tools they need to raise their game to a whole new level, creating customized network services that are more effective for their customers and resistant to commoditization.

Enabling Sales

Cisco - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: Cisco

Cisco Services Accelerate Program

Accelerate’s mission is to offer world-class sales enablement to global services partners that Cisco cannot touch directly. Accelerate delivers targeted, relevant online resources coupled with incentives and rebates to help partners engage. It provides leading practices, tools, and knowledge transfer that help grow repeatable, profitable customer engagements. With Accelerate, partners transform their businesses in alignment with Cisco.

Gold Award: Avaya

While You Were Sleeping 2.0

Avaya Global Services has award-winning diagnostic and resolution tools and teams that resolve 99% of customer troubles remotely. Because so much value is created remotely in Avaya’s support offerings, customers often don’t see hard evidence of the value of their maintenance dollar. That’s why Avaya created the “While You Were Sleeping 2.0” report. This report provides customers with actual metrics for the monetized value of their maintenance, response, resolution, performance, customer satisfaction scores, web services usage, and more. Proving this value to customers will result in protecting $500 million in revenue annually, and will create up-selling opportunities of $33 million. For more information, visit and click on “What’s New.”

Microsoft - Gold Award WinnerGold Award: Microsoft

Enabling the Cloud for the Microsoft Partner Channel: Quickstart for Online Services

Cloud computing introduced an exciting transformation not only in the way consumers use software, but also in how companies distribute and sell it. As a company founded on traditional on-premises software, Microsoft’s channel infrastructure was not designed for the new needs of partners selling Cloud Services. The solution was “Quickstart for Online Services,” a new onboarding, training, and support program for Microsoft’s channel of 600,000 partners. Quickstart enabled the rapid adoption of new Cloud Services initiatives and created scalable communications engines for partners and products. Today, Quickstart is seen as the standard for current and future Cloud Services communications. For more information, visit or

Lead Generation, Management, and Measurement

Diamond Award: BT

Global Key Account Marketing Live

BT Global Services has designed “KAM Live” to provide real-time news, data, and compelling insight to the account managers of 120 of BT’s top multinational accounts every 24 hours—helping them to better understand and serve their customers. Forced to innovate during the downturn, BT Global Services designed KAM Live to automate and accelerate what had been a slow and manual research process, and provide valuable information from multiple sources to the right people at the right time. As a result, KAM Live is helping BT Global Services improve customer relationships, increase its pipeline, and shorten the sales cycle.

Gold Award: Hewlett-Packard Corporation

HP - Gold Award WinnerHP Technology Services Global Campaigns Integrated Marketing Model


HP Technology Services developed an integrated marketing model that quadrupled demand-generation campaign response rates, increased marketing’s pipeline contribution share by 50%, and improved the closed/won conversion rate for marketing-generated leads by 37%. The model aligns the entire Technology Services marketing organization—at the worldwide, region, and country levels—behind four high-growth services initiatives. Its innovative go-to-market campaign approach integrates sales enablement, sales training, analyst and public relations, and demand generation activities through comprehensive end-to-end plans. In-depth market and customer analysis, pre-launch ROI assessments, and campaign metrics dashboards are also key elements for optimizing results.

Marketing with Social Media

IBM - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: IBM India

CFO Connect through Social Media

The IBM CFO Connect through Social Media was piloted in India to position IBM as a thought leader among the Indian Chief Financial Officer (CFO) community, build new relationships, and create a trusting dialogue leading to new opportunities to solve client CFOs’ most pressing issues. IBM India’s CFO, Robert Parker, teamed with marketing to jumpstart existing programs and engage with more than 380 of India’s top CFOs in less than a year. Leveraging social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogging, Robert is now host to LinkedIn’s largest CFO community and a sought-after expert who tops unpaid search lists for CFO issues in India.

TELUS - Gold Award WinnerGold Award: TELUS

TELUS Reinvents the B2B Marcomm Model by Embracing Social Media and Marketing/Sales Automation

Faced with the challenge of connecting with its busy business customers, TELUS Business Solutions launched an innovative social media strategy designed to engage customers and encourage dialogue. Businesses can come together, exchange ideas, and gather expert advice at The site’s architecture allows TELUS to deliver a stream of detailed customer profiles to its sales team, helping them to identify and pursue qualified sales leads. With this strategy, TELUS not only became one of the first Canadian B2B telecommunication companies to successfully implement a demand generation strategy leveraging social media and marketing/sales automation, but also surpassed its objective and reduced cost per lead by 30%. For more information, visit

Thought Leadership Marketing

IBM - Diamond Award WinnerDiamond Award: IBM

IBM SmarterCities

In June 2009, IBM convened the first SmarterCities event with senior government and business leaders, examining how to spur economic development, modernize infrastructures, and transform cities. This started the movement to position IBM as the leader in delivering solutions and understanding the interconnected system of systems in which cities operate. The global SmarterCities marketing strategy included a 360-degree set of tactics demonstrating how IBM makes SmarterCities real for clients through repeatable solutions, references, case studies, and content co-created with clients. By the end of 2010, SmarterCities events will reach 20,000 senior leaders from more than 300 cities and 70 countries.

GE Healthcare - Gold Award WinnerGold Award: GE Healthcare

Taking Thought Leadership to The Next Level

Performance Solutions, a healthcare consulting business within GE Healthcare, wanted to raise its awareness and credibility among hospital C-suite executives. The group created a robust thought-leadership marketing strategy built around marketable personalities, proprietary content, and multi-touch distribution. Central to the strategy is a non-commercial website——which offers insightful and provocative commentary on key healthcare issues. With blogs, white papers, educational videos, case studies, polling, and other “dialogue openers,” this thought leadership site has already opened the door for meaningful contact with the target audience while becoming a model for customer-centric digital marketing within GE. For more information, visit

2009 Award Winners

Winners Press ReleaseView Summaries

Account-Based Marketing Diamond Award: BT
Gold Award: AT&T
Enabling Sales Diamond Award: Iron Mountain
Gold Award: Cisco
Gold Award: Xerox
Leveraging Digital Marketing Diamond Award: CSC
Gold Award: Siemens Enterprise Communications
Targeted Demand Generation Diamond Award: HCL
Gold Award: Cognizant
Thought Leadership Marketing Diamond Award: IBM Corporation
Gold Award: Cisco
Gold Award: Deloitte

Account-Based Marketing

Diamond Award: BT

This marketing initiative was developed to support the delivery of one of Europe’s largest high speed Virtual Private Networks—N3, delivered and managed on behalf of the National Health Service by BT. N3 links every hospital, medical centre and GP surgery in England (and extended into Scotland) with high speed broadband and ethernet services, providing efficiency for health professionals and improved healthcare for patients. This paper summaries the development and execution of a two year marketing plan, turning N3 into an award winning programme and helping it become established as one of the key successes of the NHS National Programme for IT. (

Gold Award: AT&T

The AT&T Client Executive (ACE) Partners Program continues AT&T’s legacy of delivering an unmatched, world-class customer experience. The ACE Program aligns AT&T’s senior executives/officers with the most strategic business customers in a 1:1, C-level to C-level relationship and now links more than 260 customers with more than 160 AT&T executives/officers around the world. Since its inception, ACE has contributed to positive customer satisfaction results and increased revenue growth for AT&T as a result of high-level relationships forged with key customers worldwide who benefit from the program’s open access and insight into AT&T.

Enabling Sales

Diamond Award: Iron Mountain

Having aggressively acquired 200+ companies in the last 20 years, Iron Mountain wanted to gain a better understanding of its expanded customer base, and shift focus from acquisition to organic growth. They began working with Extraprise to develop a hosted marketing database platform. Insight from the database was used to identify the best cross-sell opportunities and most effective strategies for communicating with prospects, enabling sales to better penetrate accounts.

As a result, in just three years, sales appointments have increased from 6,000 to 15,000+, and the number of targeted customers who use more than one product has risen by 17%.

Gold Award: Cisco

The Installed Base Lifecycle Management (IBLM) program encourages Cisco sales teams to adopt a long-term view of a customer’s business objectives so that these can be supported by a reliable network architecture. Engaging Services exposes network gaps. These gaps may inhibit the network’s ability to support essential new technologies required to run the customer’s business.

Creating the IBLM program required a tremendous collaborative effort; bringing together Services and Product Marketing, Services Delivery, Cisco Capital, Operations, Channels as well as Field Sales. Our objective was achieved by designing a single, cross-functional proposition: simple to execute and delivering demonstrably significant business results.

Gold Award: Xerox

Often faced with the same key competitors, Xerox Global Services needed a new way to share information and differentiate themselves from the competition. To increase both signings and revenue, they needed new strategies and tactics. They needed to find a way to gather competitive information from thousands of individuals and disseminate it to the entire sales force. That’s Competipedia. It replaced multiple internal content repositories with a comprehensive wiki-based website that can be updated and edited – at anytime, by anyone – thereby creating an ongoing knowledge exchange portal for both the sales force and headquarters.

Leveraging Digital Marketing

Diamond Award: CSC

CSC launched the first business-to-business social networking site for the insurance industry in 2008, and in less than a year more than 10,000 members had joined this collaborative community, enabling CSC to listen to, talk to and energize clients about business and technology solutions.

WikonnecT® not only provides information about CSC initiatives and projects, but it also helps clients interact with each other, solve industry issues, and share successes. CSC is using these insights to increase satisfaction and loyalty, enhance offerings, and influence the way clients talk about CSC. Because of this success, WikonnecT® is expanding to new sectors and regions. (

Gold Award: Siemens Enterprise Communications

Siemens Digital Channel provides the company’s indirect channel partners, over 1000 in number in more than 20 countries, with real-time access to accurate, high-value, and targeted marketing material which are automatically dual-branded and personalized in the local languages. Partners can quickly and easily present information regarding Siemens solutions to their customers, without the need for specialist marketing. The impact on the market is extremely high. End customers view the same, professionally developed up-to-date information about our products and solutions. This initiative provides an expected potential revenue of over $4.5 million and savings of more than $200,000 in annual marketing spend. (

Targeted Demand Generation

Diamond Award: HCL

SAP Blue Ocean Upgrades campaign was launched with the objective of rapidly building a qualified funnel, entering new accounts and increasing business in Europe and U.S. Upgrades was selected as a campaign area because of the lucrative market size, HCL’s higher win rate , customer dissatisfaction with conventional upgrade approaches and alignment with SAP’s focus. This 360 degree integrated marketing communication campaign has received an exceptional response from the market by directly resulting in HCL SAP Business unit acquiring 20 new Fortune 1000 Accounts and by further building a robust qualified advanced pipeline of 290 Mn US$.

Gold Award: Cognizant

Cognizant faced a formidable challenge: to generate leads for a new line of business—their Business Process Outsourcing—with a new, non-IT audience. In addition to finding the right buyers, making both the company and their services relevant to those buyers, they needed to differentiate themselves from competitors. The entire marketing strategy had to be built from the ground up. Their objective to generate leads with an approach that would yield solid results with a new offering and new buyers paid off handsomely for them.

Thought Leadership Marketing

Diamond Award: IBM Corporation

The IBM Global CEO Study is the premier thought leadership publication within IBM’s continuing C-Suite Study Series. The most recent edition, “The Enterprise of the Future,” is based on face-to-face interviews with 1,130 CEOs and Public Sector Leaders – a number unmatched in the marketplace today. Through the analysis of these in-depth conversations, IBM defined the organizational characteristics CEOs believe will determine success in the future. In conjunction with study development, our comprehensive worldwide marketing program created a drumbeat of experiences to expand the breadth and depth of IBM’s CEO relationships and uncover new opportunities for providing value to clients. (

Gold Award: Cisco Systems

Cisco developed a new way to approach virtualization in the data center and needed a way to garner support from industry influencers and to precondition the market. Cisco launched a thought leadership campaign designed to reframe the discussion and introduce the idea of unified computing. Cisco used analyst briefings, media communications, industry and customer events, combined with innovative Web 2.0 and collaboration technologies to reach more customers and increase return on marketing investment. The result was industry awareness of unified computing, widespread discussion of the implications, and tremendous buzz about what Cisco might introduce and when. (

Gold Award: Deloitte

Regulatory mandates and the economic downturn have elevated risk concerns for boards and CEOs. Deloitte’s* distinctive Risk Intelligence thought leadership initiative responded by demonstrating that effective risk management must address both value protection and value creation. In 2008, our campaign was enhanced to reach broader audiences through viral marketing, and to include practical steps for companies adopting a Risk Intelligent approach. The campaign produced greater competitive differentiation, built new client relationships, and generated additional business. It also yielded benefits for service improvements: brainstorming during our thought leadership development process led to the creation of new diagnostic services and risk methodologies.

*As used in this document, “Deloitte” means Deloitte & Touche LLP, a subsidiary of Deloitte LLP.

2008 Award Winners

Winners Press ReleaseDownload Summaries – PDF 422KB

Sharpening Brand and Competitive Differentiation Diamond Award: Accenture
Gold Award: CompuCom
Gold Award: Tata Consultancy Services
Leveraging Digital Marketing Diamond Award: Agilent Technologies Partnering with PARTNERS+simons
Gold Award: Autotask Corporation
Strengthening Customer Relationships Diamond Award: Patni Computer Systems, Ltd.
Gold Award: Fujitsu Services
Launching New Solutions Diamond Award: IBM Global Technology Services
Gold Award: Hewlett-Packard Corporation
Enabling Sales Diamond Award: Xerox Global Services
Gold Award: Alcatel-Lucent
Generating Demand Diamond Award: Xerox Global Services
Gold Award: Unisys
Sharpening Brand and Competitive Differentiation

Diamond Award: Accenture
Accenture’s “We know what it takes to be a Tiger” campaign

The essence of Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, can be summarized in three words: High Performance Delivered. Since launching in 2001, Accenture has achieved extraordinary success. Leveraging the power of its unmatched experience along with insights from the company’s groundbreaking research into what drives high performance, Accenture helps clients become high-performance businesses and governments. Accenture coined the phrase, High Performance Business, to brand the unique type of success it provides to its clients. Accenture’s “We know what it takes to be a Tiger.” campaign has been its most successful communications program to date.

Gold Award: CompuCom
“There are Bigger IT Outsourcing Companies, but not Better”

By viewing Marketing as a process, establishing best practice processes upfront, and using unique market insight to get noticed, CompuCom successfully grew revenue by 8.5%, increased brand awareness from 6% to 16%, and expanded the sales pipeline by 49%. It was a “David vs. Goliath” type situation from a couple of perspectives. The results showed that by taking the right marketing approach and having marketing viewed as an important business driver, even a small company with a small marketing team can effectively compete against the biggest companies. 2007 proved to be a pivotal year for CompuCom’s brand.

Gold Award: Tata Consultancy Services
The Experience Certainty Program: Accelerating the TCS Brand

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India’s largest IT services, business solutions and outsourcing company, launched a comprehensive, multi-year branding initiative focused on bolstering TCS’ global brand.

Leading with the tagline “Experience certainty.”, TCS established a clear positioning and differentiation in the marketplace – an organization that delivers real results to global businesses, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match.

The initiative integrated and synchronized all channels of marketing and communication throughout the entire company. Internal alignment was rapidly achieved across 100,000+ employees in 42 countries, and external awareness of TCS increased 200% since the launch of the initiative.

Leveraging Digital Marketing

Diamond Award: Agilent Technologies Partnering with PARTNERS+simons
Virtual Metabolomics Research Lab Experience

With the Metabolomics Virtual Lab campaign, Agilent enhances its worldwide leadership position by engaging Metabolomics researchers, lab managers and directors through an ongoing, dynamic and educational virtual laboratory experience that has them returning regularly – building a relationship between the prospect and the brand.

The virtual lab positions Agilent first and foremost as a thought leader and educator, and secondarily as a provider of Metabolomic research products, applications, services and support. The results have increased sales of metabolomics-related products applications, services and support and improved sales funnel health (funnel quantity, quality and velocity through the sales process).

Gold Award: Autotask Corporation
Autotask CommunITy

Autotask Corporation was challenged by the rapid growth of daily users. Support requests were increasing, feature enhancement ideas were on the rise, while our one-to-one contacts were decreasing due to volume. The solution: create and nurture an interactive, online “CommunITy” built right into the software. Within six months support requests were down 20%, customer satisfaction was up 25%, and prospects who trialed the product closed more often. The CommunITy gives us a direct link to every customer while fostering connections among them, and is now often cited as our biggest competitive differentiator in winning new customers.

Strengthening Customer Relationships

Diamond Award: Patni Computer Systems, Ltd.
Patni – Partnering for Success

Patni’s ‘Partner for Success’ program was developed to reposition the company as a ’Customer-centric’ partner in our clients’ business transformation initiatives. The basic principles underlining the key initiatives were – To encourage Interactivity and provide an Intelligent platform with a client Inclusive approach.

The program focus was on engaging with key decision makers and influencers on a personal basis – at different levels with varying intensity. From newsletters to sophisticated co-created business platforms, Patni’s biggest innovation was the concept of building a platform for client collaboration. This ‘inclusivity’ approach has helped clients understand the benefits of partnering for successful business transformation.

Gold Award: Fujitsu Services
Fujitsu Services Executive Relationship Programme

The Fujitsu Executive Discussion Evening programme now runs across ten European countries, from Finland to Spain, with over 30 separate events held or scheduled during 2008. The programme is based on a consistent top level format and set of customer themes, supported by local speakers. As a result of the programme, Fujitsu is rapidly establishing a European-wide network of senior C-level contacts, providing the basis for new business conversations in target organisations. The events are based on the principles of topical themes, high quality speakers, convenient timings, good locations and a format that enables genuine peer-to-peer networking and follow up.

Launching New Solutions

Diamond Award: IBM Global Technology Services
IBM Global Technology Services: Project Big Green

In May, 2007 IBM announced an ambitious business initiative to bring about a new era of energy-efficient computing. Called “Project Big Green,” it includes a detailed plan to increase energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of data centers.

IBM launched new services to help clients double their IT capacity while using the same energy footprint. A typical 25,000 square foot data center can experience a 50% energy savings – representing about a $1.3M annual savings as well as an equivalent to taking 1300 cars off the road. Green computing can pay for itself.

Gold Award: Hewlett-Packard Corporation
HP Data Center Transformation

HP Data Center Transformation solutions integrate data center projects and activities designed to simultaneously address data center or business issues AND make progress toward building a next-generation data center. The solution is built across multiple HP business units, including servers, storage, software, services, industry knowledge, and regional delivery capability, to address customer needs for consolidation, automation and virtualization, energy and space efficiency, and business continuity. The solution builds on the concept of a Next Generation Data Center, a “lights-out”, 24X7, virtualized, globalized, energy-efficient, fully automated and remotely managed environment set the data center on a path for the future.

Enabling Sales

Diamond Award: Xerox Global Services
XGS Tour: A Guided Selling Tool

Having great dialogues with our clients to get at the heart of their business challenges has always been our primary objective. Xerox Global Services (XGS) developed and launched a guided selling tool to help make those dialogues more effective. Designed for global use, the XGS Tour is organized around how our clients think, addressing their specific challenges in their specific roles. The XGS Tour is flexible and interactive, using various media to enable content. Our sales force can navigate effortlessly in any direction the client conversation takes them, viewing only the relevant and compelling content tailored for their audience.

Gold Award: Alcatel-Lucent
Alcatel-Lucent – User Insight Marketing

Alcatel-Lucent’s User Insight Marketing Initiative was designed to help our customers understand their target markets, shape their service offerings, appeal to key end-user segments, and develop specific go-to-market programs that meet measurable revenue targets.

With market research as the foundation for the program, the User Insight Marketing Initiative also includes a unique Worldwide Teen Lab to understand how technology is applied by the youth segment, customer facing marketing consultants that customize go-to-market strategies, and Bell Labs mathematicians/statisticians that convert user insights into customer financial cases.

Generating Demand

Diamond Award: Xerox Global Services
XGS Site Marketing: Driving Business Results

The Xerox Global Services (XGS) Site Marketing Program takes advantage of untapped resources – XGS employees delivering services on client sites. The program gives centralized access to all marketing tools needed to help increase awareness and utilization of Xerox services and to promote future innovation. With the click of a mouse, Xerox account teams globally have access to customizable marketing resources to help their clients maximize the value of their services investment. From signage to educational forums, these tools help promote the benefits of XGS services, as well as operationalize marketing efforts, ensure consistent brand messaging, and streamline marketing production.

Gold Award: Unisys
Unlearn Outsourcing Campaign

The Premise of the innovative Unisys Unlearn Outsourcing marketing campaign was concept of Unlearn:

  • Challenge ourselves and the market to think differently about Unisys Outsourcing
  • Lead with the positive and use Unlearn Outsourcing as provocative statement to entice interest
  • Leverage influencer advice about myths and prohibitive approaches to outsourcing
  • Position existing clients as advocates and sources of insight for how they have Unlearned

This global hyper-targeted and integrated marketing campaign used multiple marketing tactics to deliver Unisys message to the right clients at the right stage of their decision making process, via the most effective channels.

2007 Award Winners

Sharpening Brand and Competitive Differentiation Diamond Award: Infosys Technologies
Gold Award: Iron Mountain
Generating Demand Through Targeted Campaigns Diamond Award: Avaya
Gold Award: Autotask Corporation
Improving Marketing and Sales Collaboration Diamond Award: SAP
Gold Award: Microsoft Services
Strengthening Customer Relationships Diamond Award: Satyam
Gold Award: BearingPoint
Leveraging Digital Marketing Channels Diamond Award: Accenture
Gold Award: Microsoft Services
Sharpening Brand and Competitive Differentiation

Diamond Award: Infosys Technologies
Winning in the Flat World

By March 2006, Infosys, fueled by growth in the outsourcing industry, had hit the $2 billion mark. But Infosys had no intention of resting on its laurels. Rather, aware that it didn’t want to be seen as simply another offshore services provider, the company launched a global branding campaign built around the idea of winning in the “flat world.” By June 2007, Infosys had become the first Indian company to be added to the NASDAQ-100, and it had also increased its annual revenues from $2 billion to $3 billion, a significant portion of which is directly attributable to the flat-world campaign.

Gold Award: Iron Mountain
Iron Mountain’s Compliant Records Management Program

Over the past few years, as the world watched a continual stream of corporate malfeasance, security breaches, and natural disasters, new laws and regulations emerged to ensure vital corporate information is appropriately secure and properly accessible. Amid these changes, Iron Mountain’s brand perception was that of a company that simply stored physical files. To change this perception, take a leadership role in defining digital records, and migrate its brand up the value chain, the company created a compliance solution that established Iron Mountain as an unrivaled thought leader in its industry, sharpened its competitive edge, and generated new business opportunities that ultimately had a multiplicative effect on revenue growth.

Generating Demand Through Targeted Campaigns

Diamond Award: Avaya
Building the Midsize Solutions Business at Avaya

The midsize business segment of the IT industry is growing faster than any other segment, but Avaya’s share of the market declined considerably from 2002 to 2004. Avaya’s initial assessment found that it did not have the right solutions for the market, the right focus on the sales channel, or the proper organizational structure to support long-term sales success. A cross-functional team was brought together to create new solutions specifically for midsize businesses and develop channel initiatives, communications, marketing programs, and deliverables, all targeted at this specific customer segment. To date, the program has provided more than $150 million in incremental revenue and significantly grown Avaya’s market share.

Gold Award: Autotask Corporation
Autotask: Less Is More

Autotask, a provider of Web-based Professional Services Automation (PSA) software, was limping along in a crowded category with 70 competitors with only a shoestring marketing budget at its disposal. Although the company was generating inquiries, the prospects came from a huge cross-section of business types, making each sale a difficult and slow consultative process. Something had to change. By doing careful research, Autotask’s marketing team identified the perfect niche for its PSA software: IT service providers. Autotask narrowed its focus to this small, well-defined community, concentrated on leveraging the Web as a lead generation “machine,” and doubled the size of its business in just five months.

Improving Marketing and Sales Collaboration

Diamond Award: SAP
SAP: Sales Enablement Above All

In 2007, SAP realized three things about its sales force: The sales model for services was very complex; the motivation among account executives to sell services was low; and account execs were overwhelmed with information. In response to this, the Global Services Marketing and SAP Consulting divisions teamed up to promote better collaboration between services marketing and sales. The team enhanced their ability to deliver tailored support to each sales group, promote the business benefits of integrating services into account plans, and build an effective distribution model. Today, 40% of all 2007 Services Program Management tactics are devoted to sales enablement, and the sales teams have responded positively.

Gold Award: Microsoft Services
Microsoft Services Quarterly Release Process

Faced with the challenge of getting mindshare from an audience of over 8,000 field employees, Microsoft Services HQ needed to find a way to effectively communicate and measure the reach of critical marketing, sales, and policy initiatives. In response, the company created the Quarterly Release Process—a business change management system that funnels action items to everyone in the services organization by role—and designated it as the only sanctioned means of communication to the field. Today, over 95% of the field complies with the “asks” of the release, and over 85% report that the communication is relevant.

Strengthening Customer Relationships

Diamond Award: Satyam
The Diamond Customer-Engagement Strategy at Satyam

How do you move an IT-oriented company from a developing country onto the global stage, all while shifting its relationships with customers from transactional to strategic? Satyam’s marketing group created The Diamond Customer-Engagement Strategy, a program designed to address four key areas—business, technology, industry, and culture—through customer intimacy, a “high-touch” approach and execution. Just one of Satyam’s innovative tactics is the replication of its customers’ headquarters at Satyam’s offices in India, which both makes customers feel at home and surrounds relevant Satyam employees with the customer’s brand. Since launching the program, Satyam has more than tripled its annual revenues and expanded its workforce by 30,000 employees.

Gold Award: BearingPoint
eGovernment Competition

Since 2000, BearingPoint and Cisco have been involved in the promotion of eGovernment projects in Germany. Under the patronage of the Federal Minister of the Interior, the companies launched the national eGovernment competition, the purpose of which is to consolidate the use of Internet technologies for the modernization of public administration in Germany and so contribute to the competitive advantage of the country. The competition affords BearingPoint and Cisco the opportunity to come in contact with potential clients throughout the year on occasions such as the competition announcement, assessment, and awards ceremony. It also increases brand awareness and improves long-term relationships with the government.

Leveraging Digital Marketing Channels

Diamond Award: Accenture
Accenture High Performance Business Network

For years, Accenture has been known for its “high-performance” positioning. But in early 2006, the company decided it wanted to take things one step further and find a way to leverage digital marketing channels to deliver high-impact, customized messages about its high-performance research to key clients. To do this, it launched a new microsite, the Accenture High Performance Business Network (HPBN), which features podcasts, videos, Web seminars, thought leadership, and more. Since the HPBN’s launch, 600 key client contacts have joined the site, with the average user spending 14 minutes at a time browsing HPBN content.

Gold Award: Microsoft Services
Microsoft ServicesRadio

In May 2005, the SVP of Services at Microsoft called for a change in the way the company communicated with services field personnel. The communications team considered several different formats for the delivery of important, relevant information that could be easily digested by the field, ultimately settling on a new audio program called ServicesRadio. Delivered bimonthly via a downloadable file or mailed CD, ServicesRadio includes real-world field success stories, news briefs, and a 15–20 minute discussion with the Microsoft Services CTO. So far, approximately 1,100 field employees have subscribed to ServicesRadio, giving it a satisfaction rating of 83%.

2006 Award Winners

Launching New Solutions Diamond Award: EMC Corporation
Gold Award: Avaya
Sharpening Competitive Differentiation Diamond Award: Nokia Networks
Gold Award: Symbol Technologies
Generating Demand Through Micro- and Account-Based Marketing Diamond Award: Xerox Global Services
Gold Award: Northrop Grumman
Increasing Sales Effectiveness Diamond Award: Lucent Technologies
Gold Award: Cisco Systems
Strengthening Customer Relationships Diamond Award: CDW
Gold Award: Accenture
Launching New Solutions

Diamond Award: EMC Corporation
The EMC eDiscovery Solution

In February 2006, EMC launched the EMC eDiscovery Solution, which allows customers to replace expensive and reactive litigation-response methods with a solution that proactively delivers cost savings, risk reduction, and increased responsiveness for current and future litigation events.

The launch culminated a yearlong effort in which EMC redefined its compliance solution and the way it went to market, created a new global practice with unique professional credentials, and developed innovative new tools for conversing with a new audience. By June 2006, EMC had already seen a significant increase in sales activity fully in line with its revenue goals.

Gold Award: Avaya
Avaya On Demand

Extensive market research showed that demand for hosted IP solutions would grow by up to 100% CAGR. Avaya moved aggressively to take advantage of this opportunity, building and launching Avaya On Demand, a hosted model for IP communications, in just nine months.

Avaya On Demand enables customers to access applications, features, and managed services in a model that decreases financial and technical risk and smoothes the transition to IP while channel partners are increasing their margins, services portfolios, and revenues. The response from the market and the channel has been remarkable, with funnel and sales activity outpacing projections.

Sharpening Competitive Differentiation

Diamond Award: Nokia Networks
Nokia Services Business Solutions Portfolio

The Nokia Services Business Solutions Portfolio project is the story of how Nokia has transformed itself to differentiate the company in an increasingly commoditized, technology-driven marketplace. Achieving this turnaround required a cultural and operational shift, with hundreds of people working to identify the key business challenges facing mobile operators and realign the technology-focused skills of delivery people into marketable business solutions. The Business Solutions Portfolio and the messaging surrounding it have enabled Nokia to raise the level of its conversations with customers and offer new value in an industry where technology alone is no longer enough to sustain long-term profitability.

Gold Award: Symbol Technologies
Symbol Technologies: Less Is More

This is a story about the value of simplification. It is the story of a counterintuitive strategy of giving customers fewer choices and the way an execution focused on making services “easy to buy and easy to sell” reversed a three-year decline in service revenue, within six months creating a 260% year-over-year increase in attach rates.

Along the way the services marketing team was able to reposition the services division from “the ugly stepsister” to one of the dominant and most powerful differentiators of the products and the company.

Generating Demand Through Micro- and Account-Based Marketing

Diamond Award: Xerox Global Services
Xerox Account-Based Marketing: How Monogamy Is Helping to Win and Keep Big Customers

In 2004, Xerox Global Services (XGS) partnered with ITSMA to better understand the key success factors in marketing an outsourcing business. Based on the survey findings and on its desire to strengthen relationships in its largest accounts, XGS made ABM one of its five strategic marketing imperatives.

XGS is now utilizing ABM to increase services opportunities and revenue and to build new strategic relationships in its largest accounts. Results in one key account indicate a 300% increase in new services opportunities, a 500% percent increase in new executive meetings, and a 300% increase in being short-listed for new services opportunities.

Gold Award: Northrop Grumman
Northrop Grumman’s IT Infrastructure Partnership with the Commonwealth of Virginia

Northrop Grumman believed it was the best choice to help transform and improve the Commonwealth of Virginia’s statewide technology infrastructure. Responding to an opportunity enabled by new Commonwealth legislation for public/private partnerships, the company embarked on a focused marketing and communications campaign to improve awareness among key influencers and decision makers of Northrop’s IT, state, and local experience as well as its solid Virginia roots. The campaign successfully supported the company’s overall pursuit efforts; in the fall of 2005, the Virginia Information Technologies Agency awarded the 10-year Virginia IT Infrastructure Partnership program, the largest IT award in state government, to Northrop Grumman.

Increasing Sales Effectiveness

Diamond Award: Lucent Technologies
Lucent’s Value-Based Engagement Marketing Process

When Lucent made the strategic decision to grow its services business, a new approach to customer selling was needed. To achieve this goal, Lucent created Engagement Marketing, an approach that comprises processes, tools, communications, and training designed to support the consultative selling process.

Since the program’s introduction, Lucent’s services sales leaders have reported an estimated 20% to 30% improvement in productivity and an estimated 20% reduction in pursuit time for complex large-scale engagements. The expense-to-revenue ratio for services marketing communications has improved by approximately 20%. Moreover, Lucent’s North American services revenue has enjoyed 10% year-over-year growth—twice the rate of Lucent’s growth overall.

Gold Award: Cisco Systems
Cisco ARM Service Sales Incentive Program

Cisco developed the Attach, Renewal, Multiyear (ARM) Service Incentive Program to help channel partners attach services to every networking sale, increase service contract renewal rates, and sell multiyear service agreements. The program provides training tools that include comprehensive sales guides, quick reference tools, and self-paced learning modules. It also provides partners with the opportunity to become eligible for joint marketing funding that can be used in Cisco demand generation campaigns.

To date, Cisco has trained over 3,000 sales representatives across 1,000 partner locations and generated over $200 million in incremental service revenue, with substantially larger service contracts for each ARM Program participant.

Strengthening Customer Relationships

Diamond Award: CDW
Can We Talk? CDW Corporation’s Online Communities Make Customers 24/7 Insiders

Staying ahead in the highly competitive technology reseller business means CDW Corporation continually looks for ways to put customers at the core of all it does. The company moved far beyond traditional customer satisfaction efforts by launching online customer communities. They now serve as the nerve center and R&D lab for CDW’s Customer First program, a companywide initiative to coordinate and improve the customer experience. Through these communities customers are generating new ideas and providing regular feedback and input. Collectively they help create the excellent service experience and drive the innovation that increases customer loyalty.

Gold Award: Accenture
Accenture Global Convergence Forum 2006—Beijing

The inaugural program of the Accenture Global Convergence Forum (GCF) in Beijing, China, marked not only the entry of a world-class forum into the Asia/Pacific region but also Accenture’s strategic move into Northeast Asia and the Chinese marketplace. Record-breaking attendance, outstanding attendee feedback, and a comprehensive program never before executed in China drove GCF, which serves as an important relationship-building and business development tool, to new heights. As a result of the GCF, Accenture senior executives/client hosts have reported substantial increases in business with client participants as well as broader success in building critical executive relationships.

2005 Award Winners

Launching New Solutions Diamond Award: Sprint Nextel
Gold Award: BEA
Generating New Demand Diamond Award: IBM Global Services, Australia
Gold Award: BearingPoint
Increasing Sales Effectiveness Diamond Award: Lucent Technologies
Gold Award: Hewlett-Packard, Worldwide Enterprise Marketing
Improving the Customer Experience Diamond Award: IKON Office Solutions, Inc.
Gold Award: AT&T
Strengthening Brand Differentiation Diamond Award: Accenture
Gold Award: IBM
Enhancing Marketing Leadership Diamond Award: BT Global Services, Major Customers Marketing
Gold Award: SAP
Launching New Solutions

Diamond Award: Sprint Nextel
Industry First: Sprint Managed Mobility Services

Development cycles for launching new offers at Sprint Business were longer than 12 months and, frequently, customer insight on the offers was only solicited post-launch. Utilizing a fast rack prototype process, the Sprint Business Customer Solutions team launched an industry-first solution by engaging real customers in a product trial prior to general availability. The market launch capitalized on the customer involvement to provide case study ROI results at the time of launch. Externally, the SMMS launch represented one of the strongest ever for Sprint Business, with significant interest from both press and analysts.

Gold Award: BEA
The BEA Solution Initiative

Recognizing an opportunity amid changing customer preferences after the “bubble,” BEA Systems launched a skunk works initiative to transform its technology driven, product-oriented approach to a business value driven, solutions-oriented approach. The change required development of innovative, customizable solution offerings and a unified go-to-market approach across products, partners, and services with value-based messaging for business buyers. Critical enablers included moving to a solution-selling model, and influencing the company’s culture and investment mindset. Today, the solutions initiative has become one of the top three growth initiatives with a significant uptake in sales force adoption, contribution to overall license revenue, and measurable impact on customer operations.

Generating New Demand

Diamond Award: IBM Global Services, Australia
IP Communications: Targeting Growth in the Mid-Market

Responding to declining growth in traditional markets, the IBM Global Services team in Australia recognised the need to identify a new growth engine. Market analysis highlighted an excellent opportunity in IP (Internet Protocol) Communications for the “mid-market.” An aggressive business and marketing strategy, coupled with an integrated demand generation campaign, featured the acquisition of a small network integrator called Logicalis, subsequently rebranded as “Cerulean – An IBM Australia company.” Market research and customer feedback confirmed this as the most optimal branding model to penetrate the mid-market and allow for further growth. Today, IBM and Cerulean are recognised as market leaders in the IP Communications Network Integration market in Australia.

Gold Award: BearingPoint
Using a Central Platform to Generate Demand and Prove ROI

BearingPoint created a marketing program, in cooperation with Cisco Systems, to leverage our successful deployment of one of the largest voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) telephony systems in the financial services industry. We used an integrated marketing approach that included elements such as press, interactive, internal training, and external events in an attempt to “own” the VoIP space. A key program element included an innovative online tool for measuring a firm’s VoIP readiness and potential return on investment calculator. The campaign generated numerous leads that resulted in a 30-times return on hard costs in accelerated client engagement bookings in the first year alone!

Increasing Sales Effectiveness

Diamond Award: Lucent Technologies
Increasing Sales Effectiveness with a Revenue-Driven Client Reference Program

In 2004, Lucent’s executive team set a strategic goal for 100% client referenceability to support a strategic shift to selling solutions to a broader swath of clients. To meet this goal, the Lucent client reference team worked with a network of volunteers from key customer-facing groups to launch a highly structured client reference program. Clients are invited to participate in several static and interactive reference activities in exchange for greater access to Lucent executives and an opportunity to benchmark their strategies and services against their peers. Although just a year old, the program has already influenced more than $1.6 billion in sales—and helped close $401 million in new business.

Gold Award: Hewlett-Packard, Worldwide Enterprise Marketing
HP Customer-Focused 1to1 Marketing

Acknowledging that today’s enterprise customers expect IT companies to understand their business challenges and provide solutions to meet their specific business objectives, HP created the worldwide team for Market and Customer Intelligence and 1to1 Marketing. The team was chartered to develop, evangelize, and drive adoption of the customer-focused marketing approach with the regional sales and marketing teams. New marketing processes, tools, and capabilities—all aligned with sales—were developed, piloted, and scaled. Significant improvements were identified at the marketing campaign level and at the account level, resulting in improved tangible business results throughout the regions.

Improving the Customer Experience

Diamond Award: IKON Office Solutions, Inc.
IKON Service Excellence

In 2001, IKON’s Management Services business was experiencing a customer retention problem. To reverse the trend, the company interviewed over 600 customers in order to improve the customer experience. IKON built an internal cross-functional team from sales, marketing, operations, training, human resources, and finance around the key areas identified through the customer interviews. Then, over 100 front-line employees were engaged to help build a better process and customer experience. The result was a world-class service methodology called IKON Service Excellence, which implemented a comprehensive suite of programs, tools, and best practices to help IKON communicate with customers and proactively innovate their business processes. To date, the program has increased IKON’s retention rate by 7% and reduced account cancellations by 35%.

Gold Award: AT&T
Improving Customer Experience through More Relevant and Meaningful Interactions

A need for stimulating demand through stronger customer relationships led to the creation of AT&T’s Networking Exchange, an online community for IT and networking professionals that provides personalized industry and technology information. Intended to help customers make strategic business decisions, it is delivered when and how they want it. In a recent survey, Networking Exchange members reported high satisfaction with AT&T and agreed that the site content is of high quality, relevant to their jobs, and presented in an unbiased way. Ultimately, this satisfaction and the customer intelligence gained from their site behavior leads to more relevant dialogue and a more meaningful relationship.

Strengthening Brand Differentiation

Diamond Award: Accenture
Accenture High Performance Delivered Positioning

Accenture’s new High Performance Delivered positioning platform needed to come to life through an innovative, integrated marketing campaign, the cornerstone of which is a global advertising campaign featuring world champion golfer Tiger Woods. By embedding High Performance Delivered in all initiatives and communications, we have increased awareness of Accenture and its breadth of capabilities in the marketplace and laid the foundation for a cultural shift within the organization. Most importantly, the High Performance Delivered positioning is helping Accenture fill an unclaimed marketplace position to help clients bring their strategic, high-level ideas to life and achieve high performance.

Gold Award: IBM
Business Value Campaign

In 2005, IBM set upon a mission to expand market perception of its brand beyond technology to include business consulting. IBM recognized a market opportunity to transform business processes such as HR, Finance & Administration, and Sales & Marketing, among others, which would help make businesses more efficient and productive. To increase awareness and consideration for its business process capabilities among C-level and senior executives, a global, integrated marketing effort was launched that included television, print, Web, out-of-home advertising, direct marketing, events, interactive, sales enablement, and internal communications. “The Other IBM” campaign clearly demonstrated IBM’s business acumen, significantly increasing awareness of IBM as a provider of business consulting and gaining credibility for IBM in this area without negatively impacting its strong technology heritage.

Enhancing Marketing Leadership

Diamond Award: BT Global Services,
Major Customers Marketing
How Marketing Has Helped to Redefine the Customer and
Market Engagement Model Globally

To achieve maximised growth in IT services, BT conducted a detailed market audit to understand its corporate customers and set up Sector Councils with senior managers from its three main business units around the world to review the units’ global go-to-market plans. As a result of this work, the company has created worldwide sales and marketing plans for key market sectors (with agreed marketing programs and sales targets). The exercise resulted in a major review of how BT deals with its largest corporate customers, helping to change the whole go-to-market model.

Gold Award: SAP
Optimizing Global-Regional-Local Marketing Efficiencies
and Effectiveness

To continuously drive value through increased revenue and selling efficiency, SAP must capitalize on its future growth prospects by focusing on key industry and customer segments in a mix of established, developing, and emerging markets. This requires a more decentralized, flexible organizational approach that strikes an efficient and effective balance between global and local marketing requirements. With optimization in mind, a new regional go-to-market model was launched in July 2004. At the global level, SAP has achieved tighter organizational collaboration, faster time-to-market for its programs, more targeted messaging, greater uptake, and more efficient adaptation of templated materials by country marketers.

2004 Award Winners

Developing New Solutions Diamond Award: EMC Services
Gold Award: Novell
Generating New Demand Diamond Award: Accenture
Gold Award: British Telecom plc
Increasing Sales Effectiveness Diamond Award: PeopleSoft Inc.
Gold Award: Avaya Global Services
Improving the Customer Experience Diamond Award: Legato Software, a Division of EMC
Gold Award: AT&T
Enhancing Brand and Reputation Diamond Award: Capgemini
Gold Award: IBM Learning Solutions
Building Marketing Accountability Diamond Award: Siebel Systems, Inc.
Gold Award: Siemens Medical Solutions USA

2003 Award Winners

Developing New Solutions
Diamond Award: Unisys Corporation
Gold Award: EMC Corporation
Managing Brand and Reputation Diamond Award: BearingPoint
Gold Award: IBM Business Consulting Services
Marketing with Partners Diamond Award: Vanguard Managed Solutions
Gold Award: Hewlett-Packard
Strengthening Customer Loyalty Diamond Award: Alfa Wassermann
Gold Award: Cisco Systems
Increasing Sales Effectiveness Diamond Award: Cisco Systems
Gold Award: DecisionOne
Measuring Marketing Results Diamond Award: Unisys Corporation
Gold Award: Wipro Technologies

2002 Award Winners

New Services Development Diamond Award: Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
Gold Award: Vertex
Solutions Marketing Diamond Award: Hewlett-Packard
Gold Award: EDS
Increasing Sales Effectiveness Diamond Award: Network Appliance
Gold Award: Teradata, a Division of NCR
Brand and Reputation Management Diamond Award: IBM
Gold Award: Accenture
Customer Loyalty and Retention Diamond Award: Unisys
Gold Award: Vignette
Special Recognition Diamond Award: Infosys

2001 Award Winners

Increasing Sales Effectiveness Winner: BMC Software
Honorable Mention: Teradata, a division of NCR
Measuring Marketing Results Winner: AT&T Business
Field Marketing Execution Winner: EDS
Honorable Mention: Infosys Technologies Limited
Solutions Marketing Programs Winner: Honeywell Industry Solutions
Honorable Mention: Hewlett-Packard Company
EDS was given a special “Guerrilla Marketing Award” for its stand out community affairs work with the Ohio “Recipes for Reading” program. Additionally, Accenture was given a special recognition award for their excellence in launching its new brand in 146 days.

2000 Award Winners

New Services Innovation Hewlett-Packard Company
Increasing Services Sales Effectiveness Oracle Corporation
eMarketing Excellence IBM Global Services
Building the Services Brand marchFIRST, Inc.

1999 Award Winners

The Services Marketing Excellence Winners are presented below under five distinct categories:

Internet Ingenuity
Lucent Technologies NetCare®
Honorable Mention: Oracle Corporation
Communications Impact
Honorable Mention: IBM Corporation
Sales Effectiveness
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Honorable Mention: Compaq Computer Corporation
New Service Innovation
Eastman Kodak Company
Honorable Mention: Hewlett-Packard Company
Special Achievement in Services Marketing
EMC Corporation

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