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ITSMA Marketing Strategist

September 29, 2016

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Marketing Vision 2016

Engaging Customers in Thought Leadership Development: Research Initiative

By Rob Leavitt, 2 comments

Marketers routinely use customer data and examples to build credibility with their thought leadership. For the most part, though, we’re still creating thought leadership for our customers, not with them. New ITSMA research will explore best practices and new approaches to engage customers early in the development process to strengthen innovation, relevance, and credibility.

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Ask ITSMA: Communicating Marketing’s Impact

By Julie Schwartz, No comments yet

ITSMA responds to query about the best format for communicating marketing’s impact to business leadership with notes on communication plan and development of a high level dashboard for executive review.

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Leveraging Data for Insight-Led Marketing: Organizational Commitment

By Donna Thach, No comments yet

For most B2B marketing organizations, the practice of data-driven marketing has yet to measure up to the promise. For the leaders, however, the ability to turn raw data into usable insight relies first and foremost, on having a clear organizational commitment. Leaders in insight-led marketing are far more likely to have reorganized and put in place a clear strategy to take advantage of the reams of data now available.

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Marketing Through the Customer Lifecycle

By Rob Leavitt, No comments yet

As B2B business models continue to shift toward subscription and as-a-service, marketers are paying much more attention to customer experience and value throughout the customer lifecycle. A recent ITSMA conversation with marketing leaders from Amdocs, Cisco, and Oracle highlighted some of the new approaches and priorities.

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Value Propositions That Actually Sell

By Lisa Dennis, No comments yet

Value proposition expert Lisa Dennis outlines three keys to crafting value propositions that sales people will actually use to sell complex services and solutions

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Upcoming ITSMA Events

Insight-Led Marketing: Lessons from Industry Leaders
In-Person Lunch Briefings and Web Briefing
October 4 – Dallas, TX
October 5 – Santa Clara, CA
October 13 – Bernardsville, NJ
October 18 – Web Briefing
October 19 – London, UK

Marketing Vision 2016: ITSMA Annual Conference
In-Person Event
November 1-2 – Cambridge, MA
*Register by September 30 for special advance rate

The Changing Landscape for Customer Engagement
Web Briefing
November 15, 2016
11:00 am ET (Duration: One hour)

Marketing Excellence: Stories from 2016 Award Finalists
In-Person Event
November 23 – London, UK

Introduction to Account Based Marketing Workshop
In-Person Workshop
December 2 – London, UK

ITSMA Account Based Marketing Certification Program
In-Person Training Kickoff
December 6-7
Boston, MA

Engaging Customers in Thought Leadership Development
Web Briefing
December 13
11:00 am ET (Duration: One hour)

To view all events, please see our online events calendar.

Recent ITSMA Thought Leadership

Marketing’s New Priorities in the Product-as-a-Service World
This ITSMA Viewpoint, based on a discussion with leaders from Amdocs, Cisco, and Oracle, highlights key issues for marketers in the as-a-service world, including new sources of data, metrics, and cross-organizational collaboration.

Digital First? Balancing Online and Offline Marketing
ITSMA’s infographic, based on survey data with more than 400 B2B buyers across multiple industries, highlights the continuing importance of offline marketing initiatives to connect with potential buyers throughout the purchase process.

Performance Marketing at IBM: Digital Innovation to Optimize Results
In this conversation with ITSMA, John Gallagher, IBM’s vice president of digital marketing, discusses the importance of performance marketing, the benefits of digital first, the best ways to keep up with marketing innovation, and the push for marketing agility.

Strategic ABM at SAP: Driving Growth and Relationships with Key Accounts
This ITSMA Case Study takes an in-depth look at how SAP NA successfully grew its Strategic Account Based Marketing program from pilot project to coverage of dozens of the company’s most important accounts in a two-year period.

Being and Doing Agile: Lessons from the Front Lines of Marketing Agility
This web briefing with ITSMA’s Julie Schwartz, Mona Charif of Dell Services, and Kevin Abramson of Optum reviews ITSMA’s latest research on marketing agility, the different approaches companies are taking, and lessons learned.


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