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ITSMA Marketing Strategist

January 14, 2016

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ITSMA’s 2016 Research Agenda: Five Pivotal Themes of B2B Services and Solutions Marketing

By Dave Munn, No comments yet

ITSMA’s key research and event themes for 2016 – insight, digitalization, agility, innovation, Account Based Marketing (ABM), and strategy – capture the new vision for marketing. They focus on how marketers can drive revenue, engage with customers, and design the customer experience.

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Using Thought Leadership to Stand Out in a Sea of Sameness

By Anna Whiting, No comments yet

IBM’s thought leadership initiatives set the gold standard. Find out what Eric Lesser, research director of the IBM Institute for Business Value, recommends other companies do to raise their game and stand out.

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Branding: Simplicity Unlocks the Heart of an Organization

By Donna Thach, No comments yet

How does your organization convey its brand’s message? Kate Manasian, managing director of strategic brand consultancy Manasian and Co., believes that the essence of effective branding is boiling complex, fragmented messages down to a simple story and then telling that story well.

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Is Your Marketing so Valuable That Your Customers Would Pay for It?

By Julie Schwartz, No comments yet

B2B buyers of high-consideration solutions rely on their solution providers’ account executives and other salespeople to help them navigate complex buying decisions. What about marketing? Do buyers rely on it? Does it add value? The answer is no – or at least not yet. But all this is about to change.

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Ask ITSMA: Best Practices for Infographics

By Lori Weiner, No comments yet

When infographics first came out, it was a wonderful opportunity to take a world of data overload and to boil it down concisely into a very compelling graphic. Recently, I’ve been looking at a lot of infographics that tend to scroll on and on for four or five pages. Can you give us the best practice for delivering the best infographic?

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Services Marketing News

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Upcoming ITSMA Events

ITSMA’s 2016 State of the Marketing Profession Address
Web Briefing
January 20, 2016 – 6:00 am Eastern – Find your local time 
January 21, 2016 – 11:00 am Eastern – Find your local time

Charting a New Course for Services in Product-centric Companies
Web Briefing
February 23, 2016
8:00 am Pacific – Find your local time – (Duration: One hour)

ITSMA’s 2016 Marketing Leadership Forum
In-Person Event
May 24–25, 2016
Napa, CA

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Recent ITSMA Thought Leadership

ABM Account Intelligence Checklist
You’ve selected the accounts to include in your ABM pilot or existing program. Your ABM resources have been identified and assigned to specific accounts. What’s the next step? Account intelligence. Use this account intelligence checklist to guide you as you identify what you already know about your account and what you need to find out.
Read more about this Marketing Tool.

Marketing Reporting
Many marketing departments struggle to measure marketing and demonstrate business impact. For marketing departments trying to increase their influence and build credibility within their companies, reporting is a critical tool for shaping perception and demonstrating results.
See this Infographic here.

Results from ITSMA’s 2015 How Buyers Consume Information Study: Moving Towards an Omnichannel Experience
During the purchase process for high- consideration solutions, buyers expect a seamless, personalized experience across channels. Contrary to popular belief, the buying process is not entirely digital. Your salespeople are not obsolete and your subject matter experts are the most credible sources of information throughout the buyers’ journey.
Read more about this Focus Report.

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