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European Advisory Board

The ITSMA European Advisory Board meets once every six months, with the objective of guiding ITSMA’s European and EMEA strategy and acting as a sounding board for ideas and new value propositions.

This small, senior group also serves as a vehicle for ITSMA to communicate with the most senior European executives in our Industry, and to aid networking between fellow board members.

A position on the ITSMA Advisory Board is discretionary and not an automatic benefit of membership. If you would like to be considered for participation please contact Bev Burgess at bburgess@itsma.com or +44 (0) 7775 765722.

The current Advisory Board members are:

Donna Rowlands
Vice President, Regional Marketing & Public Relations

Lise Platou af Ekenstam
Senior Director, Digital & Marketing Effectiveness

Paul Higgs
SVP Marketing Strategy and Operations

Misys Financial Software
Bruno Hourdel
VP Worldwide Field & Partner Marketing

Arthur Calderwood
Senior Vice President, Marketing

Catherine Walker
Head of Large Enterprise Marketing


Last update: February 1, 2016