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Spotlight on ABM

“Account Based Marketing is everything it’s cracked up to be. After all, when is focusing on the best interests of your client—while increasing your own company’s revenue, delivery, and relationships—ever considered a bad idea?”

– Jeff Sands, ITSMA

Learn more about how ITSMA can help your organization generate better results with your best accounts.


Technology services and solutions companies turn to ITSMA consulting for strategic guidance and hands-on support through the entire customer lifecycle. Building on continuous best practice research with the world’s leading technology and services companies, our experts provide the support your organization needs to achieve quantifiable marketing, sales, and business results.

ITSMA consulting, research, and training are rooted in the ITSMA Marketing Framework, a management tool that outlines our strategic and comprehensive approach to marketing.

ITSMA Marketing Framework

ITSMA can offer your company expertise with all stages of the Framework. To read about some of the projects we’ve executed in these areas, please view our Sample Consulting Engagements page.

To discuss how ITSMA can help you meet and master your marketing challenges, contact us at +1-781-862-8500, or

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