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Consulting & Custom Research

Whether you need expertise and guidance or extra skilled hands, ITSMA is here to help you achieve your marketing and business objectives. Our extensive range of consulting and custom research engagements are anchored by the insights and best practices developed in our research and the deep experience of our team. All of our engagements are based on the relevant Marketing Frameworks, Maturity Models, Adoption Models, and Assessment Tools ITSMA has developed. Most also benefit from ITSMA’s long track record of delivering them.

No matter what particular challenges your marketing organization faces, ITSMA can support your change, development, or adoption plans. We work within your available budget and time frame to help you meet your goals.

ITSMA delivers tailored consulting and research projects across all areas of the ITSMA Marketing Framework.

ITSMA Marketing Framework

Some of our hottest consulting and custom research topics at the moment are:

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