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  • Not Doing ABM Yet? Your Competitors Are. Start this September and become an ITSMA Certified Practitioner

    Learn the essentials of ABM by creating a campaign plan for one of your clients over a three-to-four month period! Includes mentoring!

    by Jeff Sands July 9, 2014 Read more
  • ITSMA Account Based Marketing Certification Comes to London This September

    ITSMA’s three-month comprehensive ABM Certification Program will help you get your ABM plan up and running. The program consists of a two-day workshop, mentoring and guidance throughout the program, weekly calls, and four webcasts. At the end, you will have a completed ABM Campaign Plan ready to be implemented with sales.

    by Jeff Sands June 11, 2014 Read more
  • Not Doing ABM Yet? Your Competitors Are. Start This May to Learn What They Are Implementing Today!

    Learn the essentials of implementing an ABM program to drive new revenue and relationships from key accounts with our online training this May.

    by Jeff Sands May 5, 2014 Read more
  • Starting a Successful ABM Program Is Not about Earning a Certificate

    You don’t learn about Account Based Marketing by taking a multiple choice test. True learning comes from building experience, overcoming obstacles, finding allies, forming teams, working towards a common goal, persevering, and applying the lessons of small victories.

    by Jeff Sands January 20, 2014 Read more
  • Research Highlight: Marketers Step Up Spending on ABM

    Spending on ABM programs is up, according to the ITSMA ABM survey conducted in November. The reason is that ABM works. Four in 10 marketers surveyed say that the ROI of ABM initiatives is “significantly higher” than that of other marketing programs. Most of the rest say that it’s “somewhat higher,” and only one in 10 say that it’s about the same. ABM is particularly valued at companies that get a big share of revenue from a handful of accounts.

    by Jeff Sands December 12, 2013 Read more
  • ABM as the Key to Career Advancement

    Everything an ABM lead does, a CMO needs to do as well. That’s why the ABM lead is sometimes called a “mini-CMO.” The job requires all the skills of the CMO, but focused on a single large, prominent account, with high visibility for marketing successes (and for failures, too). Becoming an ABM lead can be a path out of your niche and towards the bigger, broader, and more strategic view of the CMO.

    by Jeff Sands November 21, 2013 Read more
  • Coming Home to Europe: Three Lessons on Becoming an ABM Marketer

    Europe’s difficult business environment is leading to a resurgence of Account Based Marketing, which offers an efficient way to build trusted advisor relationships with decision-makers at large enterprise clients. Three lessons that emerged in the recent ABM certification class in London: leveraging existing assets, the value of “one-to-few” initiatives, and applying ABM methodology to stakeholders other than customers.

    by Jeff Sands October 10, 2013 Read more
  • ITSMA Now Offers You a Choice of ABM Training Programs

    In June, ITSMA is offering the first-ever online Introduction to Account Based Marketing online program. It’s intended for experienced B2B marketing professionals new to ABM methodology. Participants will learn all of the key components of a successful ABM program. The program is designed as a catalyst for igniting a more focused approach to big-ticket pursuits of deals in high-value accounts.

    by Jeff Sands April 18, 2013 Read more
  • Summer School: ITSMA’s Account Based Marketing Certification Program

    Marketers who enroll in ITSMA’s Account Based Marketing Certification Program will learn how to improve their relationships with executives at key accounts and become more efficient and effective in their marketing efforts.

    by Jeff Sands March 14, 2013 Read more
  • Five Myths About Account Based Marketing

    ITSMA’s Budget and Trends Survey, 2013 shows that marketers plan on spending more on Account Based Marketing in 2013. But not everyone is clear on what Account Based Marketing is, or what it isn’t. Read on to hear the five biggest misconceptions about ABM.

    by Jeff Sands February 19, 2013 Read more
  • ITSMA Launches Account Based Marketing Certification Program

    Marketers who enroll in ITSMA’s Account Based Marketing Certification Program will learn how to improve their relationships with executives at key accounts and become more efficient and effective in their marketing efforts.

    by Jeff Sands October 18, 2012 Read more
  • Account Based Marketing Course Helps Reach Key Accounts

    ITSMA has been saying that marketing has to become more effective and efficient, get the most out of the resources we have, and learn to better target our customers. Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a proven way to do all this, but if you’ve never done ABM, where do you begin? ITSMA has developed an Account Based Marketing Certification Program to help you get started.

    by Jeff Sands August 14, 2012 Read more
  • Seven Rules for Scaling Account Based Marketing Programs

    Account Based Marketing (ABM) can be difficult to scale because it is customized to individual customers. Here’s how to maintain the customized touch while sharing resources across multiple accounts.

    by Jeff Sands, ITSMA, and Catherine Howard, Fujitsu February 22, 2012 Read more
  • The Four Stages of Account Based Marketing Adoption

    Whether you call it one-to-one marketing, key account marketing, or (what we call it) Account Based Marketing, marketers are tempted to dismiss it as a tactic – the same sauce with a fancy new name. That would be a mistake. It’s a long-term strategy with four stages of adoption.

    by Jeff Sands January 26, 2012 Read more
  • Why the Account Planning Process Is Broken—and How to Fix It

    Most account plans sit on a shelf gathering dust. One of the reasons for this stagnation is that there just isn’t enough time for salespeople to do the research necessary to make these plans meaningful. We’ve just completed some important new research that outlines a new (and, we think, improved) approach to account planning that gives marketing a greater role in the process—what we call collaborative account planning.

    by Jeff Sands June 4, 2009 Read more
  • Account-Based Marketing: A Strategy for Tough Times

    Our research is showing that the investment in ABM is more efficient and effective than sending sales out to bang down doors. Furthermore, the principles behind ABM have applicability in a growing number of ways.

    by Jeff Sands May 5, 2009 Read more
  • How to Balance Reuse and Customization in Marketing

    ITSMA research has revealed eight areas where marketers can be efficient while still giving customers and prospects the levels of individualized attention they seek. We’ll be looking at reuse as part of our in-depth series of workshops on Account-Based Marketing (ABM) coming up later this spring.

    by Jeff Sands March 3, 2009 Read more
  • The Best Way to Qualify Leads: Have Them Do It Themselves

    Focusing only on filling the sales funnel reduces the efficiency of sales and is one of the reasons that 60–80% of leads simply fall by the wayside. Marketers need to create a lead-nurturing process in which prospects qualify themselves. For marketers, it’s a way to save money, resources, and frustration and to earn accolades from the sales organization.

    by Jeff Sands February 9, 2009 Read more
  • Go from Campaigns to Conversations

    One CIO told us recently: “The next salesperson that asks me what my point of pain is, I am going to throw that person out the door.” The challenge for marketing is to equip the salesperson with the knowledge necessary to begin the conversation with those pain points. Here’s how you can do that.

    by Jeff Sands November 25, 2008 Read more
  • Give New Accounts the Attention They Deserve

    It’s much easier to focus on cross-selling and up-selling existing customers. Indeed, in ITSMA’s recent survey on penetrating new accounts, we found that just one-third of the marketing budget is devoted to acquiring new accounts.

    by Jeff Sands October 6, 2008 Read more

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