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  • Larry Weber: Why B2B Marketers Need to Get Customers Talking

    Larry Weber is outspoken about the impact of the web on the world in general and on marketers in particular. In this interview, he discusses how to take the first steps in building successful online communities for customers.

    by barry March 4, 2008 Read more
  • Making B2B Marketing Messages More Memorable: An Interview with Chip Heath

    As a professor at Stanford University, Chip Heath has listened to his students pass on the same ridiculous urban legends that he heard as a student—that we only use 10% of our brains, or that the Great Wall of China is visible from space, for example. He became curious to discover the attributes of urban legends that make them “sticky,” or durable over time, so that he could apply those lessons to more useful ideas. The results of his research are outlined in the bestselling business book, “Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die”. In this interview, Chip shares some of the ideas from the book.

    by barry February 5, 2008 Read more
  • Forget Web 2.0, Try Web 4.0: An Interview with Larry Weber

    Most marketers are familiar with the term “Web 2.0,” but Larry Weber, chairman and CEO of W2 Group, a marketing services organization focused on digital constituency management, and author of “Marketing to the Social Web,” thinks were way beyond Web 2.0. Here, he talks about the rise of the “emotive Web” and what’s coming down the pike for marketers in 2008.’

    by barry January 8, 2008 Read more
  • Sustainability: An Interview with BT’s Janet Blake

    We recently sat down with Janet Blake, head of Global Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) at BT plc, to discuss what sustainability means today and the benefits of taking a sustainable approach to doing business.

    by barry December 4, 2007 Read more
  • "We" Are Smarter Than "Me": An Interview with Barry Libert

    We recently sat down with Barry Libert, CEO of Shared Insights, a provider of community education, management, and services, and co-author of “We Are Smarter Than Me,” a new book on how communities are changing the face of business, to talk about the unique way in which the book was written and why its message is important to marketers today.

    by barry October 4, 2007 Read more
  • A Better Way to Segment: What Marketers Can Learn from a Milkshake

    Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School professor, co-founder of Innosight LLC, and author of “The Innovators Dilemma”, “The Innovator’s Solution”, and “Seeing What’s Next”, recently provided insight into what marketers can learn about segmentation from studying why consumers “hire” milkshakes.’

    by barry April 3, 2007 Read more
  • Please, Sir, Can I Have Some More? How to Strengthen Your Relationship with the CFO

    Laura Patterson, president and cofounder of VisionEdge Marketing, recently sat down with ITSMA to discuss what marketers need to do to gain credibility with the CFO, the types of metrics they need to pay more attention to, and why being able to build better business cases can be a big boon for the marketing department.

    by barry March 6, 2007 Read more
  • Promoting Loyalty Through NPS: An Interview with Fred Reichheld

    Fred Reichheld, an author and consultant whom The Economist has dubbed “the high priest of loyalty,” recently sat down with ITSMA to discuss why customer loyalty is central to success, how a measurement tool called the Net Promoter Score (NPS) can help companies generate more loyal customers, and how marketing can help.

    by barry January 9, 2007 Read more
  • A Portfolio Approach to Thought Leadership Development

    Bob Buday, a founding partner of The Bloom Group, recently sat down with ITSMA to discuss why technology services companies need to change the way they develop thought leadership and which marketing activities are most effective at converting interest in a firms thought leadership into genuine leads. ‘

    by barry November 7, 2006 Read more
  • Peter Fisk on the Three Trends Shaping Marketing

    Peter Fisk, a strategy and marketing consultant based in London, recently sat down with ITSMA to share his perspective on the major trends affecting marketing for technology services and solutions.

    by barry October 4, 2006 Read more
  • Insight into Innovation: An Interview with Clayton Christensen

    Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School professor, author of The Innovator’s Dilemma,’ ‘The Innovator’s Solution,’ and ‘Seeing What’s Next,’ recently sat down with us to discuss why listening to your best customers isn’t always good for the business and how technology companies can organize to ensure that they don’t miss the next wave of growth. ‘

    by barry September 7, 2006 Read more
  • CIOs on Trusted Advisors

    Three representatives from the CIO Executive Council joined ITSMA in San Francisco for our April 25-26 Marketing Leadership Forum to discuss the reasons that positioning your company as a trusted advisor may not be the best marketing strategy and what you can do to build true credibility with CIOs.

    by barry May 4, 2006 Read more

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