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ITSMA EzineITSMA's monthly email newsletter provides a lively combination of short articles on services marketing issues, excerpts of new research reports, insight into professional development issues, marketing tools and guidelines, and news of ITSMA publications and events. It's a great way to keep in touch with ITSMA's latest thinking and analysis. Sign up today or browse through our articles.

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Permission to Use Social Media?; Marketing to Reduce the Cost Per Order Dollar; Strategic Marketing and the Portfolio Management Process; and more
Time to Rethink Thought Leadership; Balance Reuse and Customization in Marketing; The Next Frontier in Differentiation; and more
Take Advantage of the Epiphany Phase; The Best Way to Qualify Leads; Customers Want Business Content in Their Events; and more
Can You Save Your Marketing Programs?; What Should Never Be Outsourced?; Why Our Customers Aren’t Listening to Us; How Do CIOs Get Their Information About Vendors?; and more
How to Do Analytics Quickly and Cheaply; Four Ways That Marketing Can Be More Strategic in a Recession; ITSMA’s Annual Marketing Conference: Four Priorities for 2009; What’s the Typical Response Rate for Email Marketing?; and more
Seven Reasons to Get Over Your Fear of Social Media Marketing, Go from Campaigns to Conversations, Are You a Skimmer or a Penetrator?, How Many People Will Respond to My Survey?, and more
Who’s to Blame in the Relationship Between IT and Marketing?, Give New Accounts the Attention They Deserve, Getting Payback from Community, How Do I Shop for a Public Relations Firm?, and more
End the Opportunism, Account-Based Marketing Is Not as Expensive as You Think, Five Types of Content Sales Will Actually Use, How Can I Use Web 2.0 to Communicate with Sales?, and more
The Marketer’s Children, Five Steps to Assess Businesses and Markets, Brian Carroll’s Five Tips for Lead Management, Does More Staff Mean Better Results?, and more
Is Demand Generation Merely “Air Cover?”, The Steps to Vertical Market Leadership, Closing the Loop on Lead Nurturing, What Is the Best Way to Reach CIOs?, and more
Solutions: Beyond the Buzzword, A Dramatic Shift in Marketing Priorities, Unisys Elevates the Focus on Customers, The Attributes of a High-Quality Service Offering, and more
The Problem with B2B Personalization, Penetrating New Accounts in Tough Times, Putting Competitors on Your Website, Scaling Customer Advisory Boards, and more

ITSMA specializes in helping companies market and sell services and solutions more effectively. As a membership organization, we provide research, consulting, and training to the world's leading technology, communications, and professional services providers to generate increased demand, strengthen customer relationships, and improve brand differentiation. ITSMA is based near Boston, and has offices in London and Tokyo. Learn more at

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