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ITSMA’s 2015 Research Agenda: From Technology to Engagement

We might not have an ITSMA crystal ball, but we do have a research agenda designed to help you make the most of all the changes happening in B2B marketing.

Research Highlight: Marketing Organizations Get Key Skills Any Which Way They Can

Getting access to critical skills – especially hot new ones – is key to marketing success. B2B marketing organizations are more likely to buy, hire, or train depending on the skill set in question.

Research Highlight: Think Cat Videos Trump White Papers? Think Again.

Despite popular belief, B2B buyers prefer interactive visualizations, slide decks, and even text-based reports to video.

Research Highlight: Buyers Look for Different Types of Content at Various Stages of the Purchase Process

This year’s How Buyers Consume Information survey zeroes in on the kinds of information buyers find most useful at each stage of the purchase process.

Member Research

Research is at the core of everything we do at ITSMA. We focus on providing marketing insight that will improve business results for our member organizations. Our objective is to […]

Research Highlight: For ABM to Deliver on Its Promise, It’s Time to Get Serious

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a well-understood means of customer engagement, yet ITSMA research shows that it is still largely relegated to the status of marketing tactic.

Research Highlight: Customer Engagement Programs Help Keep Existing Customers and Win New Ones

Customer engagement programs are one of the power tools in the marketer’s toolbox, yet the majority of respondents to ITSMA’s recent survey said they were unsatisfied with the results of their programs. Attend the upcoming web briefing to hear how high achievers are making theirs a success.

ITSMA Research: Customer Engagement, Expansion, and Advocacy

What do marketers need to do to stay in the hearts and minds of existing customers?

Latest Research Shows Only 26% of Marketers can Determine the Value They Bring to the Business

85% Feel Increasing Pressure to Measure Marketing’s Value and Contribution   AUSTIN, Texas—May 27, 2014—According to the joint VisionEdge Marketing (VEM) and ITSMA 2014 Marketing Performance Management (MPM) Survey, only […]

Research Highlight: The Importance of Developing Effective Personas

Buyers are starting to implement personas, but are they seeing the results they expected?

Research Highlight: The Three Skills Marketers Want Most

The three skills marketers want most demonstrate the diverse field marketing has become. They span the art and science of marketing and the quality needed to pull together a disparate team of professionals: leadership.

Research Highlight: How Marketing’s Role Is Expanding

Marketing’s role is growing. As offerings and markets multiply, sales needs more support. And senior management is increasingly inviting marketing to help create strategy.

ITSMA’s 2014 Research Agenda: The Six Core Themes of B2B Services Marketing

ITSMA’s six research themes for 2014—data and analytics, content, metrics, personas, talent, and loyalty—capture the transformative wave sweeping over our profession.

Research Highlight: Marketing Doesn't Know What Buyers Want

In ITSMA’s How Buyers Consume Information study, we asked buyers what they wanted from sales reps. We compared the answers to what marketers said when we asked them earlier in 2013. The results were instructive—and shocking.

Research Highlight: Marketers Step Up Spending on ABM

Spending on ABM programs is up, according to the ITSMA ABM survey conducted in November. The reason is that ABM works. Four in 10 marketers surveyed say that the ROI of ABM initiatives is “significantly higher” than that of other marketing programs. Most of the rest say that it’s “somewhat higher,” and only one in 10 say that it’s about the same. ABM is particularly valued at companies that get a big share of revenue from a handful of accounts.

Research Highlight: Buyers Want to Talk to People and Stare at Screens

For big B2B purchases, digital alone won’t make the sale. Online channels are necessary but not sufficient. Person-to-person communication with buyers is richer both emotionally and as a means of conveying detailed, targeted information.

Featured Research: How to Ensure That Customers See You as Credible

Before making the decision to buy, customers want credible information from independent sources. As the seller, by definition you aren’t independent – but two ways to ensure that your customers perceive you as independent are to (1) offer them primary research and (2) get validation of your research from independent organizations.

ITSMA Featured Research: Why Marketers Don't Use Predictive Modeling

Predictive modeling promises to tell you which button to press to get the precise result you want. The reality is a fragmented landscape of data silos and a data wrangling nightmare that stops many predictive modelers before they even start. It’s likely that data wrangling expertise already exists in departments like finance and operations, which have been dealing with enterprise data for decades. Find out where that knowledge resides and take advantage of it.

Featured Research: Overcoming the Rear-View Mirror Mentality

Only 27% of B2B marketers surveyed in the 2013 ITSMA/VEM/Forrester Marketing Performance Management Survey report said that they are able to measure the contribution of their programs to the business. And only 40% of those (11% of all survey participants) use data and analytics as a predictive tool. If marketing is to shed its reputation as a cost center, this must change.

Featured Research: Are You Measuring Activity or Outcomes?

Too often, we focus on what’s easy rather than what’s important. Case in point: how marketers measure their function’s performance. Over half of all B2B marketers measure pipeline, spend, and campaign ROI. Less than a quarter measure marketing’s contribution to market share or customer loyalty. Which do you think the C-suite cares about more?