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Engaging Customers in Thought Leadership Development: Research Initiative

Marketers routinely use customer data and examples to build credibility with their thought leadership. For the most part, though, we’re still creating thought leadership for our customers, not with them. New ITSMA research will explore best practices and new approaches to engage customers early in the development process to strengthen innovation, relevance, and credibility.

Maximizing the Value of Customer Satisfaction Research

Most companies understand the importance of customer feedback and gather data to help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Many struggle, however, to take full advantage of the data and drive real change in the business. Based on our own long experience working with ITSMA members and clients, here are five things to keep in mind.

ABM on Fire but Still Early Days: New Research Highlights Three Paths for Growth

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is one of the hottest trends in B2B marketing for a very simple reason. It works. Some 84% of companies engaged in ABM say the return on investment is higher for it than for other types of marketing, according to new ITSMA survey data.

Research Highlight: Faster-Growing Tech Companies Prioritize Customer Insight and Analytics

How is marketing different in faster-growing B2B tech companies? According to ITSMA research, marketing leaders from high-performing companies ranked customer insight as their top priority while all others ranked it 20th.

ITSMA’s 2016 Research Agenda: Five Pivotal Themes of B2B Services and Solutions Marketing

ITSMA’s key research and event themes for 2016 – insight, digitalization, agility, innovation, Account Based Marketing (ABM), and strategy – capture the new vision for marketing. They focus on how marketers can drive revenue, engage with customers, and design the customer experience.

Research Highlight: 7 Prerequisites for Delivering a B2B Omnichannel Experience

B2B buyers today are raising the bar. They expect a coordinated, seamless, personalized experience that goes well beyond an integrated, multichannel marketing campaign. To deliver an experience, you’ll need technology. More importantly, you’ll need processes to support an omnichannel marketing approach.

Research Highlight: My, How Things Have Changed in 10 Years of B2B Marketing!

Today’s buyers want a seamless buying experience across multiple channels. Based on buyers’ rising expectations, B2B marketers will have to take integrated marketing campaigns to the next level—from integrated channels to omnichannel.

Research Highlight: To Form a More Perfect Marketing Plan: A Preview of 2015’s How Buyers Consume Information Survey

Not all B2B purchases are created equal. Buyers use different sources of information to help them make decisions depending on the type of solution they’re evaluating.

Research Highlight: Customer Experience Pushes Branding Aside

Customer experience and engagement seem to be overtaking brand communications in B2B marketing priorities.

Research Highlight: Making Marketing Dashboards Meaningful

As more and more marketing organizations try to establish themselves as strategic parts of the business, the imperative to build compelling, functional performance dashboards gains importance.

Multiclient Brand Tracking Research: The Time Is Now

Assessing your brand is critical to determining how well your marketing initiatives are performing. ITSMA’s multiclient brand study offers many of the same benefits as a dedicated study with a smaller investment.

Research Highlight: Building Trust in Marketing Data

Today less than one-third of CEOs hold marketing accountable for its results. Nearly one-quarter of CFOs don’t even look at marketing performance data. ITSMA’s recent study shows how to build trust in marketing data.

Research Highlight: The Rise of Marketing as a Strategic Function

Marketing is finally being taken seriously as a strategic function. How we got here is the result of factors in the industry and internal corporate dynamics.

Research Highlight: Marketing Automation and the Sales-Marketing Gap

The relationship between sales and marketing is often characterized by some degree of tension, but as marketing automation becomes standard practice, close cooperation is more critical than ever.

ITSMA’s 2015 Research Agenda: From Technology to Engagement

We might not have an ITSMA crystal ball, but we do have a research agenda designed to help you make the most of all the changes happening in B2B marketing.

Research Highlight: Marketing Organizations Get Key Skills Any Which Way They Can

Getting access to critical skills – especially hot new ones – is key to marketing success. B2B marketing organizations are more likely to buy, hire, or train depending on the skill set in question.

Research Highlight: Think Cat Videos Trump White Papers? Think Again.

Despite popular belief, B2B buyers prefer interactive visualizations, slide decks, and even text-based reports to video.

Research Highlight: Buyers Look for Different Types of Content at Various Stages of the Purchase Process

This year’s How Buyers Consume Information survey zeroes in on the kinds of information buyers find most useful at each stage of the purchase process.

Member Research

Research is at the core of everything we do at ITSMA. We focus on providing marketing insight that will improve business results for our member organizations. Our objective is to […]

Research Highlight: For ABM to Deliver on Its Promise, It’s Time to Get Serious

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a well-understood means of customer engagement, yet ITSMA research shows that it is still largely relegated to the status of marketing tactic.