2012 Marketing Performance Management Survey

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Marketing is under pressure to deliver results and drive business outcomes. But how are they doing? Research shows that measuring marketing’s performance is an area of major frustration for the C-Suite a significant challenge for most marketers. In fact, according to the study ITSMA and VisionEdge Marketing (VEM) just completed, most marketers are dissatisfied with their performance management capabilities.

In July 2012, ITSMA and VisionEdge Marketing conducted a Marketing Performance Management Survey with 405 marketers to assess marketing’s performance with regards to how they use data, metrics, and analytics. With more than a decade of industry “talk” on the topic of marketing accountability, this research shows that only a few exceptional marketers have cracked the code.

Those few marketers whose leadership team assigned them “A” grade for their ability to demonstrate their impact to the business have adopted six principles of Marketing Performance Management to increase marketing ROI and contribution.

Download this complimentary Abbreviated Summary to learn what they are, and how marketing can use data to not just prove the value of marketing metrics, but to improve its impact on the business.

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